Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wanna play "telephone" regarding the CCAA review room?

Well the rumors have been confirmed regarding the referrals for this month (two sets of referrals in one month, woohoo, may be some progress of speeding up some???), the CCAA has updated its website and the referrals go through September 8, 2005.

People seem to be slightly saddened by this news as the rumor roller coaster (which is kind of like that game telephone we used to play as children, you know the one where you tell the first child something in that paper cup that connects the two of you with string and then that child tells another most likely slightly changing what was originally said until 5-10 children later it is a totally different thing than what was originally said) comes to a temporary stop before loading back up and starting all over again, but I find it a little uplifting. It is not yet December (today is the last day of November) and we received a batch of referrals the beginning of this month, so that is two in one month (although officially we haven't received the referral batch yet, but the CCAA did update so it is kinda the same), and the time period for the batch of referrals appears to be the same, so it is not slowing down any.

Now if only the review room part of the CCAA website will update and let us know if we moved anywhere in that line...can the family at the front of the line please let us know your LID and pass it down the line to us (hopefully the date won't change by the time it gets down to us).


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

ICKY.....we were hoping that the "whole month of September" rumours were true. Should have known better than to let my heart attach to that one!
Oh well one small step forward anyway.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wishes on our blog. Love your daughter's clever name and spelling -- Chynna. I couldn't find your LID date but from the ladybug ticker looks like mid-July 2006. You're smart to start this process young. Noticed you have a cocker. We have a cockapoo. Good luck to you!
LID 8/30/05

Anonymous said...

Moving forward - positive thinking and praying! We will have our daughters one day.


Jonni said...

Let's hope our babies are coming "down the line".

Anonymous said...

I, too, am hoping for that review room date to start moving ahead. THAT would really feel like good progress!