Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Four months already???

Okay, we seems to have moved a 1/16th of an inch in the line to the review room (or was that 1/32nd of an inch, I can never judge distance), and to think we have been in line for four months now.

The good news is that the line is moving (no matter how slowly), so we know we are that much closer to meeting our daughter.

So today, while you wait in line for your groceries, or while you inch along in traffic, just remember, at least you are ultimately moving towards that goal, the front of the line, and you will eventually get there.

Besides, I believe in the saying "Good things come to those who wait" (I just hoped I wouldn't have to wait for soooooo long).

Happy 4 months fellow July DTC'ers.

1 comment:

Jonni said...

HAPPY LIDIVERSARY! We are getting closer to our babies!