Sunday, October 29, 2006

A day filled with excitement (shots, swings, and babies too)

Wow, what a day, a really long day, but one filled with lots to do.

Since it has been a month since our first set of Hep B shots, we had to go and do the follow-up, the second of the three. Definitely not a day I have been looking forward to by any means, but knowing what it is for makes it quite bearable. The nurse practioners remembered Ray and I from last month and even encouraged us to make it a "Kodak" moment.

Of course Ray was quite the gentleman and "let" me go first, all the while laughing his tush off. I of course didn't find any humor in it, especially since I was not only getting the Hep B shot, but also my flu shot, so I got double the fun.

And then of course, I got to enjoy it while Ray got his shot (see the anxiety in his eyes don't you?). For some reason, I just don't get the enjoyment out of it that he does, could be I hate the sight of needles, or something to that effect.

Ray then went and got some toys and the instruction manual for the swing Michael and Lara gave to Chynna and he promptly put it together, just like an expert, I am sooo proud of him (and to think he didn't even use one four lettered word putting it together). It is a Graco, which has 6 speeds, 15 songs. Ray is a little disappointed, we didn't have the "D" batteries to turn it on, but I keep reminding him, once Chynna is here, we will have plenty of batteries for it. It's really cute to see him so excited.

After all that excitement, we got a wonderful surprise, our niece Katrina came by with our great nephew Damion and great niece Angeliena. It had been quite some time since we were able to see them last and it is amazing how quickly they are growing up. Angeliena just started walking 2 weeks ago,

and Damion is just amazing,
he speaks so clearly, and what an arm on him, now if only we can control where the ball goes when he throws it. I was so thrilled that 'Trina was able to come by with the kids and to share some wonderful moments with us.

All in all, it has been a wonderful day of surprises, and lots of love.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thank you again secret pal

I was thrilled to come home today, well okay I am usually thrilled to come home everyday, but today, after a really looooong day, there awaiting on my doorstep was a package from my 7/06 DTC Secret Pal, and wow, how exciting.

As Ray was not yet home, and we had this agreement to open it together, I had to wait and wait and wait to open this surprise and see what wonderful things our darling Chynna will get to enjoy when she comes home.

So I waited, and waited, and waited.

After not being able to wait any longer, I opened the Fed Ex box, and thankfully our secret pal had wrapped each wonderful gift inside, so technically I didn't violate the waiting agreement =)

I took them each out of the box, carefully, brought them into Chynna's room, and took this picture...

Then finally, Ray came home, and he made me wait some more =(

So I waited and waited, while he showered and ate dinner (boy does he eat slow when he wants to torture me, hope he isn't like this in China).

Finally he was ready (giggling the whole time knowing how anxious I was to see what wonderful things she received).

So he let me open a present first. And our wonderful secret pal so thoughtfully gave Chynna.... well I don't want to ruin the surprise so look for yourself....

Yup it is one of the cool rubber duckies that tell you when the water is too hot for Chynna's little tushie. It is the neatest thing.

Then Ray opened the next gift and it was a Aveeno lotion, which smells soooo good.

Then it was once again my turn, and secret pal sure knows me, it was washcloths which have FROGS on them. I fell in love instantly (big surprise right???).

And since Ray had the last present to open, he once again dragged on with it, giggling and torturing me more and more. Finally showing me this absolutely cool toy, it is bath squirters and a net to like catch them in. Look at his smug expression...

So now we have put Chynna's goodies away in her room, to wait and wait and wait, until that wonderful day when we get to travel to China to bring our baby girl home.

Thanks again secret pal, we truly appreciate it, and can't wait to find out your identity to thank you again and again.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am a winner !!!

Today, upon arriving home from work, I noticed I received a package from the Orange County Fire Department. And I started wondering what in the world???!!!

So, slowly and cautiously I open the bulging envelope, and lo and behold, when what to my wondering eyes should appear (again, no it's not a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer, although that time of year is rapidly approaching, but that is another topic) but a Carbon Monoxide Alarm. How bizarre, I think, and then I remember. My mom and I went to the Southern Women's Show a few weeks ago, and at the Hottie Firemen's booth, we entered to win the Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

Well I won !!!!! Yay me !!!!

Now for the funny news, the Carbon Monoxide Alarm which the fire department gave away is a "Kidde" name brand (which I am unfamiliar with, so no harm there). However, on the packaging (which I sometimes wonder who does marketing for these things) is the "model rating". Get this, the Alarm endorsed by the fine fire department (since they gave it away as a "door prize") is rated ONE STAR out of FOUR. Now if that isn't a hoot.

Good thing the fire department is within 3 minutes from my house, huh???

Monday, October 23, 2006

Birthday celebrations, and Cybershower gifts for Chynna

This weekend we all got to share in the birthday celebration of my cousin Eileen and her friend Sandi. Lots of sweets consumed by all (be it birthday cake, ice cream, candy corn, chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, apple crisp homemade by "Grandma Dot", or even Halloween colored MnM's). As always, we all enjoyed ourselves and really appreciated being able to share in this glorious celebration.

Then there is the wonderful surprise I came home to this afternoon, the gifts from my 7/06 Fireflies Cybershower pal. I love each and every one of them, the pumpkin hooded towel, the Hello Kitty pail, the socks, the decorative hand towel, the bracelet, and the MnM's. Minor family, you guys are the best, and you spoil us more each time (how did we get so lucky to have you twice as our Cyber pal??). We can't wait to bring Chynna home and use the towel and play with the Hello Kitty pail.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

How well do you know me?

With thanks to Chatterbean, I was able to create my own quiz. Take the quiz and see just how well you think you know me, and let me know your results. That way I can tell if we really are friends or you are just telling all your friends that you know me so you can be considered "cool" (hehe).

How well do you know me?

Take my quiz!

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An evening of togetherness at Biketoberfest

After getting my nails done for Halloween (Orange and Black of course), and shopping at Sam's for essentials (such as Sam's Snickerdoodle cookies for Eileen's birthday party), Ray asked me on a "date" to Daytona/Ormond Beach for this year's Biketoberfest (which we haven't been to for about 2 years).

So off to Biketoberfest we go, and what an amazing time we had. The Harley's just were absolutely incredible, and the people watching as always had our attention. It's quite interesting to see the variety of people and in the varieties of dress. To think that probably more than 3/4 of these Biker's are professionals (doctors, lawyers, prominent business owners) who you would never recognize as such.

And the alcohol flowed, and flowed, and flowed. Ray and I, being non-drinkers ourselves, wondered how they walked around, nevertheless drove those cycles
There was quite the entertainment such as the "Wall of Death" (which I have yet to see but Ray tells me is guys and gals driving on cycles at high rates of speed round and round on walls in this arena thing, and people pay upwards of $10 to see this, I guess just like Nascar racing hoping to see a crash, why this is entertainment is totally beyond me, but to each their own), and the "Crazy Bike" (for $10 for 3 tries, really drunk guys, at least that is all who tried it while we watched for about 1/2 hour, would get on this bicycle that looks like it is made for a 3-4 year old, and try to ride it about 3-6 feet through these orange cones. The further you are able to ride it with both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the peddles, the more money you make, $10 at 3 feet, $20 at 4 feet, $50 at 5 feet, and $100 at 6 feet. The trick you ask, well nothing is tightened down, so the little seat swivels, the wheels wobble, the handlebars wiggle, you get the picture. The most money we saw won was the $10 for 3 feet and basically that was a give me since he really didn't make it thru the cone but the front tire made it to the cone, such entertainment for the sober and drunk alike), and of course the music (which I didn't really consider music but yet a lot of loud screaming and lots of electrical guitar and drums). .

Then we walked around some more, looking at the Bikes and their riders, and avoided having beer spilled on us numerous times.

Then we decided it was time to end the fun or turn into a pumpkin, so back to Orlando we went, stopping for dinner at Cracker Barrel for some good country food, and then back home to our anxiously awaiting fuzzy roommate whose legs were doubly crossed to be let out.

It was a great night. Thanks Ray for excitement.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Mourning the loss of another loved one

10/21/97 The day we lost my dear sweet grandma. The sweetest woman, who we all loved dearly.

My brother, sister and I (as well as anyone else who crossed her path) were quite blessed to be able to get to know her. I can remember going over to grandma's every day in the summertime with Mom for lunch. And lunch, wow now that was something, it was like grandma's restaurant, no matter whether Jimmy wanted Mac N Cheese (from the can, like a Chef Boy R Dee), and I wanted breaded veal (man do I miss grandma's veal, even though I make it the same way she did, it still doesn't taste the same must have been the extra dose of love she added), and Katy and Mom wanted a sandwich, and grandpa wanted something totally different. We all got what we wanted, and she never complained once about doing it.

Grandma, having a pool, would get dressed in her bathing suit, put on the shower cap thingy, get each of us children a towel, and would "swim" with us (although it really was more of a doggy paddle type swim), "swim" over to the diving board, hold on to it and kick her legs for exercise, then float around the pool in her lounging chair all while we children were jumping off the diving board, kicking our feet wildly to cause splashes, playing "Marco, Polo", or just plain being annoying children. And did she ever say "okay guys, calm down that is enough", not ever that I could remember.

We would all go for walks around the block, feed the ducks in the park, climb the bent over palm tree in the park (which we all affectionately call "Grandma's park"...there were always activities for us to do while
at grandma's house.

There was one thing that my mom, brother, sister and I did that just drove her crazy, singing this song:

Goodbye Grandma Goodbye,
We'll see you again,
Tomorrow is when,
Goodbye Grandma, Goodbye.

She would yell at us to stop, that the neighbors would hear our obnoxious singing (please, our singing was good, it would even make the neighborhood dog's sing with us, okay maybe not that bad, but close).

We definitely didn't inherit her talent genes. Grandma could sing, and she could act including such "plays" as "Betty at the baseball game", "Bride's First Visit to the butcher", "How to get a maid", and my personal favorite, "Bugs" (let me ask you, is there anything more inhumane than the way treat Bugs? Is there really a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Bugs? If there isn't, after hearing grandma do this one, you would like to form one). She had such amazing talents, the different accents she could do and really sound like genuine accents. Wow, is all I can say !!

I suppose I should end this tribute to a wonderful woman who is still thought about often, and missed lots each and every day, by updating the "song" and singing to her one last time (until we see each other again):

Goodbye Grandma Goodbye,
We'll see you again,
In Heaven is when,
Goodbye Grandma, Goodbye.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My sister's celebrity look alikes

In order to experiment with other family members pictures and their alleged celebrity look alikes, I came across this fabulous picture of my sister and nephew and decided to see who Katy looks like (and I have to agree that she does look quite similar to these beautiful ladies, unlike my celebrities), check her out (Katy you look fabulous, I am soooo jealous hehe):

My celebrity look-alikes

I was reading other 7/06 DTCer's blogs and came across this cool celebrity look-alikes site and decided, what the hell, I should try it out. This is who I supposedly look like, wow, who would'a thunk it??

MyHeritage - photo albums with facial recognition

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Grandpa will be missed by all

October 16th, 1993, a day for mourning, a day of sadness, a day of loss of a wonderful man.

October 16th, 1993, the day in my life of a first loss (at least one that I remember). This was the day a terrific man, who blessed my life and many others, passed on from this life to another, where he can watch over us until we join him in the afterlife.

Abraham was a wonderful, loving man, who adored his family, was a kind man who would give you the shirt off of his back, a hard working man. There is so much of him, it is hard to explain.

I remember when Grandpa would encourage us "children" in our education by rewarding us with prizes when we did well on our report cards, or when he would gently persuade us to be careful when drinking our strawberry milk so not to spill it on the table or the floor. Or even on Easter day, when he brought home the biggest blow-up bunnies to my sister, brother and me (I remember it being almost as big as we were, we had never seen anything so big). And my Susan doll, who could walk when you held her hand and guided her, and would pee when you gave her a bottle (once again this doll was as big as I am, and I am proud to say I still own her, even though her hair is a mess and her clothes are "hand made" and sad looking, but I have had her for 28 years, so what do you expect, hehe). Grandpa never seemed to do things a little bit, but went above and beyond.

You could never talk during "his programs", such as Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, the Price is Right, or even General Hospital (although if you asked him, he would swear he didn't watch soap operas, although he would rush home everyday and put it on "for Grandma").

Although Grandpa is not still here with us physically, he is here with us spiritually. As long as he is remembered (there is no way we can forget him or his kindness, gentleness, and love), he will continue to be alive in each and every one of us.

When Grandpa passed, it taught me to never take things for granted, to enjoy each other to the fullest every day, because you never know when it is that person's time to move on to another life, a happy life where nothing is painful, where no evil exists, where you are happy, healthy, and get to live through all eternity with your loved ones who have passed before you (or even after you).

Grandpa, thank you for everything, you are missed and loved very much, and know I will see you again someday.

We love you !!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

We're officially at 3 months

Although it seems like A LOT longer, we are now officially at our 3 month mark.

And the magical question we keep hearing is "how much longer before you travel to China to get her". As much as I would love to be able to answer this question, I can't. The only ones that can give an accurate reply would be God and China. However, I politely answer each and every time, "as soon as China allows us we will travel to bring home OUR DAUGHTER".

Just for fun, let's see how does our "pregnancy" compares to other types of pregnancies:

Well an elephant is pregnant for 22 months,

a horse for 11 months, and a cow for 9.5.

Now that we are armed with this info, when you are asked, how much longer, you could explain, I am not sure, but did you know an elephant is pregnant for 22 months (wow, imagine being pregnant that long, guess we won't have to imagine).

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th, it isn't all that scary, is it?

Today is a day that many superstitious people find to be quite frightening, Friday the 13th.

Scary movies have been made feeding these fears (you know the ones, where you scream at the television for the helpless victim to not answer the phone, or to not take the shower alone, where the scary music starts and even though you know you are being set up for the fright scene to happen, you still jump when it does), but nothing frightening has happened, at least nothing out of the ordinary unless.....

you count the airplane making an emergency landing on a major highway (Interstate 4), although it was a successful landing and nobody was hurt (thankfully).

Why is it that we all buy into these crazy superstitions, watch out for a black cat crossing your path,

or don't open an umbrella indoors (this one I never really understood),

or don't walk under a ladder? Who comes up with this, and why do we feel we have to honor them, I guess the movie industry has done its part, thus keeping us coming back for more.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Let them eat cake (and cookies too)

Today was a wonderful day of celebration (such a pleasant distraction to such a normally gloomy month), a day to celebrate cousin Jay's belated birthday.

We had cake, punch, cookies, chips, and even entertainment (including a streaker running through the living room, poor girl won't live that one down), and lots of family gossip, and just plain catching up on one another's lives.

The children all seemed to enjoy the party and even the dogs got to join in (sneaking a few licks of the cake hoping no one saw).

We really had a great time and wanted to thank Eileen, Jay and Ari for inviting us to share in the good times, and look forward to many more laughs in the future.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Ladybug sighting, bird watching and one klutzy mom to be

Today has been a quite strange day, there had been a wonderful sighting (a live ladybug crawling on the screen door at my mom's house, she was so beautiful, a deep red with black spots in all her glory) making us wonder, is this the day Chynna has been born? Or what other wonderful news could this mean. She just crawled along that screen door as if she didn't have a care in the world, but was just enjoying this wonderful Fla. sunshine.

Once again the shopping bug had gotten ahold of me, so off to Home Depot Mom and I go to see if we can find a closet organizer for Chynna's room that I like. Well, while looking up at the ones on display I didn't pay attention to the floor and some idiot had pulled the wire racks shelving out to look at it, but didn't push them back, so klutzy me scrapes my leg on the wire thingy sticking out cutting a nice gash in my leg thus causing blood to start oozing out and down my leg. So off to customer service I go to be given a little bandaid (now mind you I am bleeding down my leg, no little band aid is going to do the job), and after much insistence some paper towels. The cashier who I originally told what had happened disappeared to "fix the problem" (the wire thingies were organized and back properly on the shelving and all "evidence" of the wire scraping was gone like it didn't happen at all). The manager did come to my "aid" and provide me some gauze and first aid tape (of course after I had to ask for some), and then took my name and phone number, and sent me on my way. Although I did feel kinda stupid doing this, I still feel like Home Depot should have at least seemed to care that I got hurt instead of "covering it up". Now I have this huge gauze taped around my leg (along with a throbbing sensation), which made me look like I have been in a war.

Then later in the day, while the sun was starting to set and Ray and I were enjoying the Fall weather (the light breeze, low humidity, and cooler weather), what to our wondering eyes does appear (no, not a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer), but a gorgeous hawk standing ever so proud. He posed so beautifully on our roof edge, I couldn't help but photograph the moment.

This was a weird end to a really weird day.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

A sad day for all (and the beginning of the month of mourning)

Today has been a very sad day for our family, we lost a very loved pet whom had been a part of our lives for 13 years. We all remember when Brandy (aka "Whisky") was brought home. She was a little ball of fuzz, that cutie "cocker spaniel mix" who no more looked like a cocker than the man in the moon. And the step from the family room was a challenge for her. And the treats she would bring us no matter who came in the house "to see her" be it dried leaves from outside, her rope, or a mouth full of dog food she would spit out in front of you and then eat in your honor. We will miss her "announcements" when someone came over, and her "woos" and other "words" she would speak when she had something on her mind. Brandy was such a wonderful part of our family, may she rest in peace.

We know in our hearts that Brandy is in heaven looking down on us with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Johnny, Uncle Tony, Jennifer, Tasha, Bear, and Brownie, smiling down with her beautiful bow and prancing around bringing them lots of goodies too.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

And a great time was had by all

Today was a beautiful day in Orlando, Fla. filled with tons of fun activities.

The morning started out at a delicious luncheon, hosted at Ming Court on Tourist Row (also known as International Drive) by Pam Eidson, whose beautiful family was down from Jacksonville, and graciously coordinated all families who were blessed with Pam's (and ABC's) dossier consultant services to get together and finally put a face to the names.

We all enjoyed meeting each other and seeing the adorable babies home with their forever families. We were thrilled to be able to share this experience with my parents (better known as Joe and Ellen, or "Dannye's parents").

Ray and I even used the chopsticks for the first time (although I am still trying to get the hang of it), and notice no food on our shirts, guess that means we are semi-experts (yeah right) but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

We did get to bring home some chopsticks, so I guess this means we will have to practice with them so we will become "perfect" and maybe, just maybe be able to teach Chynna how to use them too (although she'll probably be teaching us).

From there, we decided to go play some miniature golf (and enjoy the sun-shiny day), plus we did have some buy-one-get-one-free coupons (if it's free, it's for me) that expire at the end of this month, and the "boys" kept telling mom and I how they would kick our butts (so we HAD to prove them wrong).

Off to Pirate's Cove we went, putting over each and every obstacle in our way, no matter the obstacle, concentrating and competing (girls v. boys), although the girls are not openly expressing the competition, so as to hopefully surprise them as we sneak up on them and humiliate them fair and square (we found out that cheaters get punished severely at Pirate's Cove, locked up in one of the many caves and left to become "golf ball retrievers" for the rest of eternity, and we can't have that or we couldn't go to get our baby girl).

Lots of holes-in-one where made during this game, it got quite intense, Ray was ahead, then Dad, then a tie, battles were fought and the jousting with golf clubs began, it came down to that last hole.

Pressure building, we were all sweating, the balls were flying... the final winner, you ask?.....well the boys tied, and kinda left us in the dust.

Guess us girls will have to demand a rematch (we think they cheated), and since they didn't know the stiff competition we had going on, then I guess we all won.