Sunday, October 22, 2006

An evening of togetherness at Biketoberfest

After getting my nails done for Halloween (Orange and Black of course), and shopping at Sam's for essentials (such as Sam's Snickerdoodle cookies for Eileen's birthday party), Ray asked me on a "date" to Daytona/Ormond Beach for this year's Biketoberfest (which we haven't been to for about 2 years).

So off to Biketoberfest we go, and what an amazing time we had. The Harley's just were absolutely incredible, and the people watching as always had our attention. It's quite interesting to see the variety of people and in the varieties of dress. To think that probably more than 3/4 of these Biker's are professionals (doctors, lawyers, prominent business owners) who you would never recognize as such.

And the alcohol flowed, and flowed, and flowed. Ray and I, being non-drinkers ourselves, wondered how they walked around, nevertheless drove those cycles
There was quite the entertainment such as the "Wall of Death" (which I have yet to see but Ray tells me is guys and gals driving on cycles at high rates of speed round and round on walls in this arena thing, and people pay upwards of $10 to see this, I guess just like Nascar racing hoping to see a crash, why this is entertainment is totally beyond me, but to each their own), and the "Crazy Bike" (for $10 for 3 tries, really drunk guys, at least that is all who tried it while we watched for about 1/2 hour, would get on this bicycle that looks like it is made for a 3-4 year old, and try to ride it about 3-6 feet through these orange cones. The further you are able to ride it with both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the peddles, the more money you make, $10 at 3 feet, $20 at 4 feet, $50 at 5 feet, and $100 at 6 feet. The trick you ask, well nothing is tightened down, so the little seat swivels, the wheels wobble, the handlebars wiggle, you get the picture. The most money we saw won was the $10 for 3 feet and basically that was a give me since he really didn't make it thru the cone but the front tire made it to the cone, such entertainment for the sober and drunk alike), and of course the music (which I didn't really consider music but yet a lot of loud screaming and lots of electrical guitar and drums). .

Then we walked around some more, looking at the Bikes and their riders, and avoided having beer spilled on us numerous times.

Then we decided it was time to end the fun or turn into a pumpkin, so back to Orlando we went, stopping for dinner at Cracker Barrel for some good country food, and then back home to our anxiously awaiting fuzzy roommate whose legs were doubly crossed to be let out.

It was a great night. Thanks Ray for excitement.

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eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Jacob had a big old Harley for years and we had some of the best times ever on that Hog. Hope to have another one sometime actually two cos I want my own this time around. Daytona was fun....but for the guys,not my scene. He doesnt look like a biker either, just another weekend warrior that you speak of.
Glad you had fun.