Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thank you again secret pal

I was thrilled to come home today, well okay I am usually thrilled to come home everyday, but today, after a really looooong day, there awaiting on my doorstep was a package from my 7/06 DTC Secret Pal, and wow, how exciting.

As Ray was not yet home, and we had this agreement to open it together, I had to wait and wait and wait to open this surprise and see what wonderful things our darling Chynna will get to enjoy when she comes home.

So I waited, and waited, and waited.

After not being able to wait any longer, I opened the Fed Ex box, and thankfully our secret pal had wrapped each wonderful gift inside, so technically I didn't violate the waiting agreement =)

I took them each out of the box, carefully, brought them into Chynna's room, and took this picture...

Then finally, Ray came home, and he made me wait some more =(

So I waited and waited, while he showered and ate dinner (boy does he eat slow when he wants to torture me, hope he isn't like this in China).

Finally he was ready (giggling the whole time knowing how anxious I was to see what wonderful things she received).

So he let me open a present first. And our wonderful secret pal so thoughtfully gave Chynna.... well I don't want to ruin the surprise so look for yourself....

Yup it is one of the cool rubber duckies that tell you when the water is too hot for Chynna's little tushie. It is the neatest thing.

Then Ray opened the next gift and it was a Aveeno lotion, which smells soooo good.

Then it was once again my turn, and secret pal sure knows me, it was washcloths which have FROGS on them. I fell in love instantly (big surprise right???).

And since Ray had the last present to open, he once again dragged on with it, giggling and torturing me more and more. Finally showing me this absolutely cool toy, it is bath squirters and a net to like catch them in. Look at his smug expression...

So now we have put Chynna's goodies away in her room, to wait and wait and wait, until that wonderful day when we get to travel to China to bring our baby girl home.

Thanks again secret pal, we truly appreciate it, and can't wait to find out your identity to thank you again and again.

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