Sunday, October 15, 2006

Grandpa will be missed by all

October 16th, 1993, a day for mourning, a day of sadness, a day of loss of a wonderful man.

October 16th, 1993, the day in my life of a first loss (at least one that I remember). This was the day a terrific man, who blessed my life and many others, passed on from this life to another, where he can watch over us until we join him in the afterlife.

Abraham was a wonderful, loving man, who adored his family, was a kind man who would give you the shirt off of his back, a hard working man. There is so much of him, it is hard to explain.

I remember when Grandpa would encourage us "children" in our education by rewarding us with prizes when we did well on our report cards, or when he would gently persuade us to be careful when drinking our strawberry milk so not to spill it on the table or the floor. Or even on Easter day, when he brought home the biggest blow-up bunnies to my sister, brother and me (I remember it being almost as big as we were, we had never seen anything so big). And my Susan doll, who could walk when you held her hand and guided her, and would pee when you gave her a bottle (once again this doll was as big as I am, and I am proud to say I still own her, even though her hair is a mess and her clothes are "hand made" and sad looking, but I have had her for 28 years, so what do you expect, hehe). Grandpa never seemed to do things a little bit, but went above and beyond.

You could never talk during "his programs", such as Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, the Price is Right, or even General Hospital (although if you asked him, he would swear he didn't watch soap operas, although he would rush home everyday and put it on "for Grandma").

Although Grandpa is not still here with us physically, he is here with us spiritually. As long as he is remembered (there is no way we can forget him or his kindness, gentleness, and love), he will continue to be alive in each and every one of us.

When Grandpa passed, it taught me to never take things for granted, to enjoy each other to the fullest every day, because you never know when it is that person's time to move on to another life, a happy life where nothing is painful, where no evil exists, where you are happy, healthy, and get to live through all eternity with your loved ones who have passed before you (or even after you).

Grandpa, thank you for everything, you are missed and loved very much, and know I will see you again someday.

We love you !!

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