Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am a winner !!!

Today, upon arriving home from work, I noticed I received a package from the Orange County Fire Department. And I started wondering what in the world???!!!

So, slowly and cautiously I open the bulging envelope, and lo and behold, when what to my wondering eyes should appear (again, no it's not a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer, although that time of year is rapidly approaching, but that is another topic) but a Carbon Monoxide Alarm. How bizarre, I think, and then I remember. My mom and I went to the Southern Women's Show a few weeks ago, and at the Hottie Firemen's booth, we entered to win the Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

Well I won !!!!! Yay me !!!!

Now for the funny news, the Carbon Monoxide Alarm which the fire department gave away is a "Kidde" name brand (which I am unfamiliar with, so no harm there). However, on the packaging (which I sometimes wonder who does marketing for these things) is the "model rating". Get this, the Alarm endorsed by the fine fire department (since they gave it away as a "door prize") is rated ONE STAR out of FOUR. Now if that isn't a hoot.

Good thing the fire department is within 3 minutes from my house, huh???

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