Saturday, October 7, 2006

Ladybug sighting, bird watching and one klutzy mom to be

Today has been a quite strange day, there had been a wonderful sighting (a live ladybug crawling on the screen door at my mom's house, she was so beautiful, a deep red with black spots in all her glory) making us wonder, is this the day Chynna has been born? Or what other wonderful news could this mean. She just crawled along that screen door as if she didn't have a care in the world, but was just enjoying this wonderful Fla. sunshine.

Once again the shopping bug had gotten ahold of me, so off to Home Depot Mom and I go to see if we can find a closet organizer for Chynna's room that I like. Well, while looking up at the ones on display I didn't pay attention to the floor and some idiot had pulled the wire racks shelving out to look at it, but didn't push them back, so klutzy me scrapes my leg on the wire thingy sticking out cutting a nice gash in my leg thus causing blood to start oozing out and down my leg. So off to customer service I go to be given a little bandaid (now mind you I am bleeding down my leg, no little band aid is going to do the job), and after much insistence some paper towels. The cashier who I originally told what had happened disappeared to "fix the problem" (the wire thingies were organized and back properly on the shelving and all "evidence" of the wire scraping was gone like it didn't happen at all). The manager did come to my "aid" and provide me some gauze and first aid tape (of course after I had to ask for some), and then took my name and phone number, and sent me on my way. Although I did feel kinda stupid doing this, I still feel like Home Depot should have at least seemed to care that I got hurt instead of "covering it up". Now I have this huge gauze taped around my leg (along with a throbbing sensation), which made me look like I have been in a war.

Then later in the day, while the sun was starting to set and Ray and I were enjoying the Fall weather (the light breeze, low humidity, and cooler weather), what to our wondering eyes does appear (no, not a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer), but a gorgeous hawk standing ever so proud. He posed so beautifully on our roof edge, I couldn't help but photograph the moment.

This was a weird end to a really weird day.

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