Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wacky Wed...what's your ideal island vacation?

For all of you where the white stuff is falling....

Your Ideal Island Vacation is Fiji

On an island vacation, you prefer to get the full beach experience.

And for you, that means staying somewhere with few people and lots of beach.

With over 300 islands, you can find your own private spot in Fiji.

Relax by the crystal clear water, or venture off to find a waterfall.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai


Ox characterizes a dependable, patient, methodical and calm, hardworking, materialistic as well as an ambitious character. The Ox years so far have been 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and now 2009 followed by 2021 (according to the 12 year cycle).

People born in the Chinese New Year of Ox, 2009 will preponderantly have the below mentioned traits in their character: Leadership qualities, dependable, great organizers, loyal, patient as well as strong and responsible. They are also some of the best people one can have as colleagues in the work place as they are believed to posses strong work ethics and display their creative side as well, especially when it comes to decorating their home.

Since the people born in the Ox year are also trusted to be reliable and logical, people generally turn towards them for suggestions and guidance. Their honesty and eye for details also helps them to prove their worth both in the workplace as well as in their personal lives.

However there are a few negative traits associated with the character of the Ox that also is reflected through the people born in the ox years. Attributes like being narrow minded, stubborn, with low public relations skills and also very far from being emotional are generally associated with people born in this year.

With these and many more fascinating elements, Chinese New Year of Ox, 2009 is just about to arrive. So get set to welcome the year and have a very prosperous New Year ahead.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Belated Wacky Wed...the sandwich cookie personality test

Since yesterday was Ray's birthday (thanks for all the well wishes for him), I missed posting a Wacky Wed quiz, so here is this week's quiz:

You Are Traditional and Dependable

You view the world with childlike wonder. You are very inquisitive. You can help but spy, investigate, and ask questions.

You are a very creative and innovative person. You dream big and rarely do something the same way twice.

You're easy going and easy to be around. You aren't picky or high maintenance.

You seek security in your life. Feeling safe is important to you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy 45th birthday Ray

Today is Ray's 45th me by taking a moment to wish him a happy birthday....

Happy birthday my wonderful husband, may all your wishes and dreams come true today and always....I love you!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Belated 30 Months LID

My New Year's resolution should have been to be a better blogger....but I would've already broken that resolution as you can see...I have been a bad blogger....but I'm trying....this really long wait is getting to me, I love seeing that my other on-line friends are getting their referrals, and I love watching/reading other blogs, but it's hard when I see how fast time is going by and our sweet Chynna is not home yet, I know it will happen, and it is going to be perfect when it does.....

So I am going to take this moment and "celebrate" our 30th Month LID-versary, and know in my heart that we will see her sweet face soon....

We love you with all our heart sweet baby girl, and can't wait to see your sweet face, and hold you in our arms....we dream of you each and every day, and hold you in our hearts always....Mommy and Baba will be with you soon....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some very overdue thank yous......

I have to apologize not only for my lack of posting but also for my lack of posting thank yous to people who were so very considerate to think of Ray and I and send us these amazing gifts.....

Our good friends Cyndi and Dean send us these amazing gifts for Christmas:

They sure know how much I love frogs, and I was so thrilled opening each and every one of these wonderful gifts, so very thoughtful:

and they didn't want Ray to feel "left out", he was so very excited with this and can't wait til I make him wings so he can use his "Hooters" wing set:

You guys are the best!!

Then we also got this gift for Chynna from our Secret Pal for our November gift, it is so amazing how creative people are, to take ordinary things and see letters, so very cool:

And then we also received these terrific gifts for Chynna for our December gifts from our Secret Pal:

Our little girl has received the best things from such great people, we can't wait til she comes home to play with the toys, read the books, and wear the beautiful clothing.....

Thank you so much!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wacky Wed...what does your belly button say about you?

Kinda right on, but for the not brushing teeth all day ewww....

You Are Doted On

You are sweet, sensitive, and a bit anxious. You are likely to have some health problems.

It is likely that you will only have one child. If you have more children than that, it may be hard to conceive.

You are not easily moved. You are very stoic and not though of as an emotional person.

You are a bit lazy. You sometimes don't shower or brush your teeth all day.

You are quite conservative. You are neither a flirter or a flaunter.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Introducing the newest member of our family....

On Dec. 4, 2008, we welcomed to our family my nephew Andrew Alan....

"Arggg....put me back, put me back"

My sister is doing really well, her hubby is quite excited (another boy!!), and my nephew Adam, well this picture says it all:

"Mommy, why did you put this awful Texas blanket on me, I want the Gators blanket!!"

We are so happy to welcome him into our family....

Congrats Katy, David and Adam on your newest addition!!