Monday, October 23, 2006

Birthday celebrations, and Cybershower gifts for Chynna

This weekend we all got to share in the birthday celebration of my cousin Eileen and her friend Sandi. Lots of sweets consumed by all (be it birthday cake, ice cream, candy corn, chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, apple crisp homemade by "Grandma Dot", or even Halloween colored MnM's). As always, we all enjoyed ourselves and really appreciated being able to share in this glorious celebration.

Then there is the wonderful surprise I came home to this afternoon, the gifts from my 7/06 Fireflies Cybershower pal. I love each and every one of them, the pumpkin hooded towel, the Hello Kitty pail, the socks, the decorative hand towel, the bracelet, and the MnM's. Minor family, you guys are the best, and you spoil us more each time (how did we get so lucky to have you twice as our Cyber pal??). We can't wait to bring Chynna home and use the towel and play with the Hello Kitty pail.

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