Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th, it isn't all that scary, is it?

Today is a day that many superstitious people find to be quite frightening, Friday the 13th.

Scary movies have been made feeding these fears (you know the ones, where you scream at the television for the helpless victim to not answer the phone, or to not take the shower alone, where the scary music starts and even though you know you are being set up for the fright scene to happen, you still jump when it does), but nothing frightening has happened, at least nothing out of the ordinary unless.....

you count the airplane making an emergency landing on a major highway (Interstate 4), although it was a successful landing and nobody was hurt (thankfully).

Why is it that we all buy into these crazy superstitions, watch out for a black cat crossing your path,

or don't open an umbrella indoors (this one I never really understood),

or don't walk under a ladder? Who comes up with this, and why do we feel we have to honor them, I guess the movie industry has done its part, thus keeping us coming back for more.

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