Friday, November 10, 2006

Tourist update

Okay, the answer to yesterday's celebrity meeting is:

That's right Sprint, the Clydesdale Donkey from the Super Bowl Busch commercials. And he is even cuter (if that really is a word) in person than on TV. Of course we couldn't convince him to sign autographs, but we did get him to pose for this picture and a few others (which we really will treasure).

We also got to see baby pink flamingos

and of course adult flamingos too:

Jimmy tried to outrun the pouncing tiger:

While Ray (otherwise known as "turtle hero") "fed" the turtles (he wants to make sure they are well nourished on their way to bring us our referral of Chynna).

Captain Morgan anyone????

Well I better get going, places to go, people to see, more celebrities to meet.

Stay tuned to find out who is next on our celebrity meet and greet.

1 comment:

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I had 2 pet donkeys growing up and one of them looked just like him. I lived on a farm....we didnt have gators and gorrillas though!