Wednesday, November 8, 2006

How quickly vacation time goes when you are painting your house

Wow, I can't believe how fast this week is going by. We have been busily painting the house since Sunday and we are getting close. This is such difficult work that I am in a way looking forward to going back to work, NOT!

I really am having a great time painting the house, and wow what a change it is. It really looks like a totally different house now. And I am having a great time being a part of that. And another bonus is my dad is helping. So I get to spend time with Dad (he is such an amazing guy, always helping out his family, a man always on the go to help out others, I am such a lucky girl to have such great parents, they both are absolutely wonderful and I just hope that Ray and I are as good as they are). Okay okay enough mushy stuff, here's some pictures of our adventures in painting.

This is dad painting the first day of our painting excursion.

This is the side of the house that still needs to be painted the rest of the way (the funny thing was that when Ray saw the front of the house painted this way, he and our next door neighbor were quite disappointed to find out it wouldn't stay that way, to think I didn't want a "checkerboard" painted house, the nerve of some people, hehe):

And lastly, here it is the front of the house painted YIPPIE!!!!

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eggrolls and chopsticks said...

You area so brave for taking on the house painting yourselves! We did it once and said NEVER again!(Oh wait I never even got close to a paintbrush, hubby said never again.) And have never done it again ourselves. It looks great and Chynna will love it. :)