Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Secret Pal strikes again (thanks "MW")

I am so very blessed to have such a thoughtful and wonderful secret pal (otherwise known as "MW" or "mystery woman"). She puts so much thought into each month's gifts and this month was no different (the theme was ladybugs), she so kindly gave me the beautiful ladybug bracelet above (the one in the middle, and soooo sorry for the quality of the picture, Ray is learning about the digital camera and he is still trying to get it, practice makes perfect though I understand). I immediately put it on and won't take it off until we get our Chynna baby in our arms.

Thank you MW, you are the best!!!


Drea said...

Aren't secret pals the best! I love all those bracelets! Where did you get the born in the heart one?

Anonymous said...

That is a cool idea to have it on until you get Chynna!