Sunday, November 26, 2006

The holiday decorating has begun

Ray and I are quite excited to once again be able to decorate for the holidays.

Last night we put our tree up:

And decorated around the house:

And Ray hung the outside lights and icicles while Freckles and I did our part (hey somebody has to watch to make sure there's no bare spots):

Hopefully next year we will have our darling Chynna. That definitely would be the best gift we could ever receive.


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! We are going to wait a little while to put up the tree since the new puppy chews EVERYTHING he possibly can!!!

Jonni said...

Love the decorations. I need to get started on mine too! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice tree, what does Freckles think about Christmas and all the presents?? My doggies think ALL the presents are for them!!