Saturday, November 25, 2006

Florida football rivalry (Fla. v. Fla. State)


Okay today is a big day in Florida...the day that the Florida Gators are going to wipe the field with the Florida State Seminoles' tushies.

Each State has its college football rivalries, and ours is this game. It comes down to bragging rites and I feel quite confident that at the end of day today, people in other states will be hearing.....

Go ahead and sing along....

So Give a Cheer for the
Orange and Blue,
Waving Forever!
Forever Pride of Old Florida,
May She Droop Never.
Well Sing a Song for the Flag Today,
Cheer for the Team at Play!
On to the Goal,
We'll Fight our Way for


Anonymous said...

I'm not a big football fan (hockey is my sport) but I will give a Go Gators! for ya:)
Penn State is big with our families.

Anonymous said...

Loved this.. so funny... coming from Australia (I live in FL) I am not that big on the US Football sceme. Though I am rapidly learning since the hubby is Football crazy - going to NE Pats v JAX Jags on Xmas Eve... should be an experience - but the boss is 'Gator' crazy...haha - look forward to reading more of your blog... oh... I put anon cause I switched to 'Beta Blogger' and it just doesn't work right when I leave comments. Take care... Felicity

Anonymous said...

Go Gators!
Go Jags!
Go Patriots!