Thursday, March 1, 2007

One Word Meme, courtesy of Jade Road and TundraChica

I got this meme from JadeRoad and TundraChica will play along according to the rules (best I can anyway).

Put down the first word that comes to mind:

1. Cigarettes: smoky

2. Sex: sweaty

3. Relationships: complication

4. Your Last Ex: history

5. Football: Gators!!

6. Crack: illegal

7. Food: tacos

8. President: honorable

9. War: troops

10. Cars: crash

11. Gas Prices: HIGH

13. Bon Jovi: 80's

14. Religion: heavenly

15. MySpace: stupidity

16. Fear: rats

18. Beyonce: beautiful

19. Blondes: Playboy (hey I've been watching the Girls Next Door, I can't help it)

20. Brunettes: smart

21. Politics: unspeakable

22. Pass the Time: sex (well I did see this word previously, can't help it, hehe)

23. One Night Stands: despicable

24. Cell phones: annoying

27. Vanilla Ice Cream: cones

28. Porta potties: nasty!!!

29. High School: memorable

30. Pajamas: silky

31. Wet Socks: squishy

32. Marijuana: stinky

33. Alcohol: virgin

34. The word HATE: crime

35. My best friend(s): Ray

36. Money: necessary

37. Heartache: sad

38. Love: abundance

40. Divorce: bitter

Ok, so that's it--ONE word that comes to mind. Alright, all reading this should be considered to be tagged, but let me know you played along please...


a&mg said...

Hmmmm, sweaty sex is on SOMEONE's mind, heehee

Shandra said...

Ok I agree with the gass prices and cell phones! Yuck to both!

nikki said...

Alcohol and virgin?
That one I DON'T get!

Dannye said...

I guess I was thinking a virgin alcohoic drink, that's why, guess it is sorta confusing, sorry, that is just how my mind works sometimes....

tracy said...

I haven't seen this one, fun list! I'm laughing over divorce: bitter.

redmaryjanes said...

Hmmm..I'll do this tag. Probably on Sunday.
Good answers by the way!

Made in China said...

Way to go!
What a fun tag.

Steffie B. said...

Very interesting! Thanks for the read!

C.J. said...



kris said...

Cool meme but even BETTER was that Gator graphic! Didn't know I had a fellow fan out there!
in g'ville

Jewels of My Heart said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love frogs too. And I love your daughter's name.... Just beautiful. I am so excited for you. Your list was fun. I want to do it but I am afraid of how my mind works and the answers I come up with.... still might give it a try.

redmaryjanes said...

Hi Dannye,
I've included you in the slumber party I'm having my blog tonight for the Ultimate Blog Party. You may get a visitor or two. Hope that's ok!

Sara said...

Alllllrighteeeee - I'll play. May take me a day or two to get it up, but I'll go for it! Dropping in for the blog party! Thanks for visiting The Estrogen Files!

Emmie said...

Great answers!! I may play along with this one later in the week! Thanks for sharing!