Tuesday, March 13, 2007

8th month LID-versary on Wednesday

Okay so tomorrow (which is also Wacky Wednesday) is our 8th month LID-versary.

For all you non-China adoption lingo people, that essentially means that tomorrow will mark our 8th month of our papers being logged-in in China. And at this point we are still many moons away from seeing our gorgeous baby's face (not to speak of actually finally holding her in our arms).

However, we are still trying to stay positive. We just know in our heart of hearts the 18 more months of waiting we are facing at the moment (if the referral pace continues at the pace it's currently at) is actually going to be less, we have faith that the CCAA will speed up the process. Our time will come (and be here before we know it, okay we will know it as well as anyone in the Orlando vicinity who will hear this lunatic of a mother screaming it at the top of her lungs)!!!

Until then, tomorrow is:


Stacy said...

Happy 8 Months!!

Jane said...

Happy 8 month LID, every month is such a landmark in the waiting time.

tracy said...

Happy 8 month LID-versary!

Jewels of My Heart said...

"You've come a long way baby!" Hang on, you are 8 months closer to your baby
God's Speed

tundrachica said...

Okay...I'm a day late on this one...Happy 8th and LOVE the Count!