Thursday, March 8, 2007

Just finish the sentence...

I found this on my friend Nikki's blog and thought it was quite interesting.

1.When I was five... I started playing softball, it was something I did
for many years (and really miss now).

2. March sure is... tiring if you do it right (left, left, left, right, left)...

3. When I think of pepperoni... I think of hot cheesy pizza, mmmmm!

4. I don't think I will ever ... be tall (try as I might, 5'0" just isn't very tall, oh well, guess I'm not missing much).

5. Yesterday I heard... some awesome singers on American Idol (the girls are much better than the guys this year)!

6. Cowboy boots... aren't very comfortable, but look really great on sexy cowboys,
yee haw!!!!

7. If I were a tree... I'd probably be short and stumpy (it seems to be my theme, or something, oh well), but full of pretty flowers.

8. Computers will never... rule the world (don't know why but that just came to me, and now I have a funny image of computers taking over everything, nope not gonna happen).

9. The problem with toast is... it's dry and boring, but if you put some cream cheese and maybe some jelly, problem solved.

10. If I could, I would definitely... be a Mom and hopefully someday soon it will finally happen.

If you want to play along, let me know and I will check out your answers.


a&mg said...

You should play softball in cowboy boots.

Good answers--I will play along this weekend.

nikki said...

I liked your answers, too.
That was a good one, I thought.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

To funny. You are hilarious. That March comment just killed me.

tundrachica said...

You should march in cowboy boots! I did once in high school. Now that was tiring...
I will be posting my answers on my blog...see ya there.

Emmie said...

loved your answers!