Friday, July 13, 2007

Nicknames Meme (courtesy of Janet)...

I have voluntarily been tagged by the spectacular Janet to do a meme about nicknames, which she indicates means I am to give up all the nicknames for the people in our house. So here it is....

1. My hubby Ray (aka Raymond)...let's see my nickname for him is "Yummy", don't know where it came from but it started when we were dating (guess I thought he looked "yummy", hehe)...a few of our friends call him "Ray-man", "Apehanger" (this is from his love with "apehanger" handlebars on Harley motorcycles, we don't share this love affair), and "Ray-mundo"....these are all the ones I can think of for him.

2. Let's see, my nicknames are "Panny", "Dennis" (this is a name my uncle calls me, he is the only one that calls me that, dunno why, but is like a term of endearment), "Ms. D-Dan" (my boss calls me this most of the time), if Ray is being "sweet" to me he'll call me "sweetheart" or "sweetie".

3. And last but definitely not least, Freckles....also affectionately known as "poo" or "poo dog" or "Freckly's" (and he answers to all of 'em)....

Now it's your turn...since Janet made hers a voluntary tag, I'll be kind enough to do the same....if you play along let me know so I can check out your answers...don't be shy, share those nicknames!!!


Janet said...

Number one- love the button. I need one of those.

Number two- great nicknames. It's so funny that your uncle calls you Dennis.

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said... you have Dennis and poo dog...ok too funny!

Jarrod calls me pubbins, I call him dubbins and Thomas is the baby bubbins...yeah that's wierd too eh?

tundrachica said...

Okay...I'll do the meme after I get the paint off my fingernails and post the pics of M's bedroom.
You WON'T believe the nicknames I have!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Why does he call you Dennis? I did this one, it is a lot of fun. How have you been?

C.J. said...


Since I bite the big one at tags. I'll put it hear.

I grew up being called 'Weiner' It really is innocent.

My cats are Gorgeous-Jorjus, Beauty girl, and Jake-o-bean. Go figure.

Oh...sometimes, interchangeably, the cats are "(#*@head".