Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tag I'm it (thanks Jade Road), who's next???

One of my good blog buddies Jade Road has tagged me with a Book meme:

These are the instructions:
1) Find the nearest book (please try to keep it PG rated)
2) Open to page 123
3) Type lines 6-8 of said book
4) Tag three others

Regarding #1: Okay the book closest to me is "Metro Girl" by Janet Evanovich. I really love her books, they seem to be "easy" reading for me, you know the kind you can't put down til you've finished it.

Regarding #2: Book is now open to page 123.

Regarding #3: Page 123, lines 6-8 say:

"Hooker smiled at me. Either he was a very forgiving kind of guy, or else I looked really sexy in my pink hat. I threw the rest of the lines onto the boat and climbed on..." (sorry gals, but the line does end here, guess it may not sound too PG rated, now that I think about it, hehe)

Regarding #4: Ok, now onto tagging three others: I tag Dawn, Gina, and Steffie.

Good luck gals!!!


Steffie B. said...

You naughty girl you! lol I'll get to my tag soon. :)

nikki said...

Sounds interesting!
What happens next? just kiddin.

Anonymous said...

Um...... I betcha it was just because she looked sexy in her pink hat..... who names a kid "Hooker", anyway? :-)

Janet T.