Monday, January 1, 2007

Blogger Migraine

I seem to have started the new year off with craziness on Blogger.

I went to remove the little thingies at the top of my blog (the New Year drinking glasses and the snowball fighting snowmen) and Blogger (without asking me) just goes and updates my Blog to the "new and improved Blogger". I lose all my little thingies I've accumulated such as my Neocounter, my Moon Phases, my Weather Pixie, my Fortune Cookie, etc. Just poof, gone, just like that. Eaten by the big bad wolf.

I look and look trying to remember what all I had on my blog and think I found most thingies back again, and then I notice this "classic template" option and figure "what the heck" and hit it, and lo and behold, the big bad wolf coughs it all back up again (of course after about an hour of my going to websites, cutting and pasting into the template), so now I think everything is back up and looking spiffy yet again.
I guess the $1M question is "For how long???"


a&mg said...

Ugh, sorry you had blogger trouble! I was mad at blogger for a while and thought about switching to wordpress, but a lot of things on blogger are easier to use for clueless people like me!
Hopefully you won't have any more problems!!

Tawni said...

Blogger can be so frustrating!!

I don't have your e-mail address and I wanted to thank you for the FABULOUS cyber shower gift you sent. My e-mail address is - would you mind e-mailing me your e-mail address??


G & G Hadden said...

Hey Dannye...I got that Fl waiting link from your site so I just had to join up!!
You haven't lost all your add-ons they have just moved to the bottom right side of your page...try and change the width of your posting area and I bet they will move right back up to the top. The new blogger is a PIA but you will eventually figure out how to work around it's quirks!!

Happy New Year!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Well we know who wont be switching anytime soon! One friend did say it was easier than old blogger but I am not taking any chances....yeck nope not me.

Connie said...

Glad you got it back. I think I am one of the last 'old blogger' holdouts. It seems quite a few have been forced to switch and I know it's just a matter of time until the 'new Blogger' axe falls on me. Argghhh!