Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Strange happenings...

Okay, today has been quite weird for many reasons.

First, a story at how "crazy" I was today. I'm sitting in my office working away and I hear this high pitched whistling type noise. I ask my boss when he comes in my office if he hears it too, and he does (good thing I was worried I was hearing things that others couldn't and that can't be good), but can't determine where it is coming from and it is that type of noise that doesn't bother him, so he goes back to his office and goes back to work. This noise is just tormenting me and I can't stand it. I get up trying to follow the noise, and it would stop and then start again. Finally I determine the noise is coming from our lobby area, and I convince myself it is the alarm panel making the annoying sounds.

So I call the alarm company and the conversation goes something like this:


We have this annoying high pitched sound that I have determined is coming from the lobby area near our control panel, can you send a tech out to fix it immediately.


First we need to run some tests. Please tell me what codes are showing on the control panel.


There are no codes showing, it just says "ready". This alarm really has a problem and you need to send someone to fix it.


That's not right, if it is the alarm, then a code would come up. Okay try turning it off by imputing your "pass code" and then hitting the off button.


That didn't work, it's still making the noise and it is getting louder I think, like it's laughing at me or something. Can you send someone to fix this alarm please??


It must not be the alarm, it must be something else in your office making this noise.

Me (annoyed):

I just know it's the alarm, can't you send someone to take a look at it PLEASE.

Here I'll hold the phone to the noise so you can hear it.....

Okay this is when I try to hold the phone down where the noise is emanating from, I just want this guy to get as annoyed with the noise as I was. . .


Oops, problem fixed, sorry for wasting your time.


What happened???


It stopped, thanks for your assistance.


Okay it was at this point I realized this guy was right, it wasn't the alarm, and I was so embarrassed for insisting to this guy (like he had no idea how to do his job) that it was the alarm, that I couldn't tell him he was right (is that so wrong???).

I found out it was the battery backup system for our backup computer, and the battery was quite low and it puts off this annoying sound so you will replace the battery, which I immediately took care of, problem solved.

Then tonite I come home and another strange thing happens, kinda like groundhog day.

I checked the mail which Ray brought in when he got home and do you know what I got in the mail AGAIN today. Another Brown Envelope. I guess this means the American Consulate really wants Ray and I to adopt Chynna. Everything was exactly the same, even down to the postmark on the envelope. Just to make sure it wasn't a dream that I already received one, I took the one we received Saturday out of his file and compared it to the one received today. Nope it wasn't a dream, I did get it, TWICE.

I wonder if it is a sign????


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Can you say: T-W-I-N-S!

a&mg said...

I've heard of others getting two brown envelopes as well.

Your alarm story is great! We once bought a table that had to be assembled, and when we got it home, we realized (or so we thought) that a leg was missing. We called the store and explained and they said they would find a spare one for us. In the meantime, we found the leg--hidden in packing materials in the box. We didn't want to admit our goof, so Mike told them our "son" had hidden it as a joke. I have no idea why we didn't just fess up, but the lie was more fun, haha.

Connie said...

Glad you figured out the mystery noise before a tech was sent ;0) You woulda had egg on your face ;0)

Hey, I got two of them too. I think that happens pretty often (or so I hear from the agency gurus) Some get two, some get none. Neither means anything. How's that for comforting?

To a 'normal' day tomorrow.

Charles said...

Glad you figured it out before you started ripping out wires. LOL

I would have done the same thing as you. I hate it when i'm wrong

nikki said...

Oh, very funny! I like how you handled the alarm guy.

And, I'm with Dawn on this one:
TWINS!!!! Wouldn't that be fun?