Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another room completed...

While on this really really really long wait for our daughter, we are in the process of "fixing" up each and every room in our house. And by "fixing" it up, I mean, painting the walls and "re-tiling" the floors (we don't have any carpet in our house, it's all that "stick down" type of tiles).

So far we have completed my bathroom (hence why the fan cover was/is off) in those "beautiful" colors (can we say ummmmm Pepto-Bismol? so soothing), Chynna's room (now that really did turn out great, we really love her light lilac colored walls, the pink and white ceiling fan, the really sweet fairies on the wall, we are proud of that room), our bedroom (again turned out really great), and now the computer room. We really love the computer room, the light blue walls with the soft pink trim really calms the room, and then the tile.... all I can say is check out this tile:

That is one square, isn't it cool??? It really brightens up the room, makes it look much larger than what it actually is, and it brings in all the pretty colors in the room. We are quite proud of this "find". Guess we are getting better at this "fixing" up thing.

Now we only have...the hallway, the main bathroom, the living room, the dining room, the eat-in dining area, and the kitchen left. Wow, and here I thought we were getting close to being done. Oh well, guess it'll help pass this really really really long wait.


C.J. said...

Doncha just love the snowball effect. Change one thing and it leads to another...and another....and another.

Have fun with it!

Emmie said...

WOW it Looks great! Chynna's room sounds really cute! If you can, post some pics! Glad to hear your "fixing up" is going good! :)