Saturday, January 13, 2007

Day of Fun Surprises (non-Gators be warned, hehe)

Okay, today was a well needed uplifting day. One I guess I really really needed, with the feeling of the blues rapidly approaching, and work just getting overwhelming, and well, a sense of being out of control all around.

But today made things all better, it really uplifted my spirits.

It started out with my mom and I getting our nails done and I just couldn't help myself, yup Orange and Blue fingernails (aren't they the best???)

Then we went food shopping (not that wonderful, but okay), but when we got home, WOW OH WOW, if only Ray knew what he retrieved from our mailbox.....the long awaited.....

BROWN ENVELOPE!!!!! Boy oh boy, it makes it so real now, we have been recognized by the American Consulate in China. What a great feeling, and you know the funny mom read the envelope and said "what is the foreign service???", and I said "I don't know probably junk mail" (lucky I didn't throw it away, that would really suck) and then mom realized what she read and said "oh my goodness it's here, the BROWN ENVELOPE". We looked and the envelope was post marked Jan 10, 2007 and the letter inside was dated June 2006. Where oh where has this been??? Sitting on someone's desk to be mailed or maybe just lost somewhere, but not anymore, it is now here telling us we will be parents someday...okay maybe it doesn't exactly say that but to me it does, cuz it recognizes we have petitioned for a child from China and we've been approved by the U.S. to do so. It's great (not only to be a Florida Gator, in this case).

And my day of surprises didn't stop there either....I got a belated Christmas present from one of my best friends (Michael I do love it, how cool!!!). Michael sent away for this present for me and was greatly disappointed when he found out it was on back order but it came, a really cool red purse (I always say better late than never). And the funny thing,,,it being red, thus again reminding me of China (and my baby Chynna).
Okay maybe that wasn't a "ha-ha" kind of funny, but it did make me giggle (guess it's the mood switch from funk to happy).

All in all a great day!!!


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Congratulations on receiving that big brown envelope. It is amazing what it can do to saggy spirits.

I thought of you this morning when I shuffled outside to get the paper and I picked the bag up backwards and it fell all over the place and the first section I saw was a special section dedicated to the Gators. Then when I came online I saw your funky fingernails. You crazy football fan you!

I hope next week at work is alot better and not so gruelling for you.

a&mg said...

Congrats on the brown envelope!

I hope your Gator-nails will keep your spirits lifted through the week:)

Connie said...

Me luvs the purse. The manicure, well, I'm still a Buckeye ;0) You've got some great spirits.

tundrachica said...

Love the story about the Brown Envelope. That will be a good one to share with Chynna later down the road.

Blue and Orange...hmmm... good Bronco colors. :)