Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wacky Wed...your Christmas spirit level

Your Christmas Spirit Level: 50%

You have a lot of Christmas spirit, and it's evident to most people who know you.
You love most things Christmas, and you do your best to make sure everyone has a great holiday.

While you like the more commercial aspects of Christmas, you truly know what the spirit of Christmas is about.
You're all about giving, being kind, and sharing the spirit of Christmas with everyone you know.


Mob said...

Wow, I got 70%. Thats a shocker. Cute quiz :)

Janet said...

I'm 50 % too.....:-)

nikki said...

I'm also 70 percent.
Once again, Dannye, I know the kind of gal you are - the percentage will be MUCH higher when Chynna is home where she belongs.
Hugs to you...

Alyson & Ford said...

I am 80% and thankfully ready for Christmas this year. Some years, I am not so good...

Merry Christmas
LID 01/27/06