Sunday, December 30, 2007

Long awaited pictures of Christmas goodies...

Sorry it's taken a while to post these, but the day after Christmas I caught the yuckies, and they are hanging on a while...I am starting to feel somewhat better but still kinda blah (maybe it's a combination of the long wait and this awful cold/flu thingy), but anyway, I decided today's the day to share what a wonderful day we all had...

We had the festivities at my Mom and Dad's house...Ray went over there early to help Mom cook (during the night Mom had cooked the turkey and Ray the honey glazed spiral cut ham), we had plenty of great food (Ray's famous cabbage, potatoes, veggies, stuffing, cheese and crackers tray and lots of yummy desserts)...

After doing some cleaning up (I helped with the dishes...) it was time to see what Santa brought and then the gift exchange was a frenzy, but everyone seemed to get what they wanted:

Here's Adam (a huge Gator fan) with a pack of Fla. Gator playing cards from Santa:

My cousin Scott opening his gift certificate:

My sister Katy with her gift certificate (she tells us it was the right size and all, how did we know?? hehe):

My brother Jimmy excited by his Christmas Story card with Ralphie in the bunny costume on it (when you open it, it says "She always gives you the nicest things Ralphie"), too funny!!

and Mom with her tiki totem pole:

My cousin Troy and family sent this Time Out Frog for Chynna (too funny with the egg timer on his belly and embroidered on his feet are "Time Out Frog"), don't think Chynna will like this gift as much as I do, hehe:

and they also got me this slingshot frog (you sling him across the room, he can fly up to 50 feet, and he croaks while flying):

and they got Chynna this sweet froggie shirt:

and my Aunt Lynn gave me this horn playing frog:

my nephew Adam got me this crystal frog and Ray this turtle (with his own money too):

and he got Chynna this lamb (it's a rattle and squeaky toy):

and my sister Katy and brother in law David got us this Chinese coin for the wall:

The story behind the Chinese coin is:
Known as "Ying-bi", Chinese coins have been around for centuries. Collected all over the world, they are stepping stones to the past representing each dynasty and kingdom throughout Chinese history. This carved wood wall accent is handcrafted in Bali Indonesia, where it is customary to place Chinese coins in Hindu offering baskets during religious ceremonies. The symbols on this coin represents: Prosperity: wishing you good fortune always; Happiness: which comes not from material things but one's inner life; and Longevity: physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We also got some great gift certificates....we really had a great we will just keeping hoping and praying that next year Chynna will be home to celebrate it with us....


Janet said...

Great stuff!!!! Glad you had a good Christmas!

A Mom- In-W8ing said...

Love the time out frog and the Chinese coin!! Looks like Santa was good to your whole family! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Best wishes for a great 2008!

Smiles! :o)

Mob said...

Love the pictures! I bet you have quite the collection of frogs now. I love the time out frog...too cute. The totem pole is quite unique!

mommy24treasures said...

glad you had a good Christmas. I pray your Chynna will be home to celebrate next yr as well.