Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our Secret Pal Strikes again (thank you!!)

We have such a great secret pal, every month she/he sends these really amazing gifts, spoiling us more and more, and this month was no exception...

Of course the theme was Christmas, and they went all out...

they got us this good luck ladybug "doorbell" (which is kinda two fold...ladybug luck, and gives an angel its wings every time the bells ring):

some great Christmas story books (can't wait to read them to Chynna, but until then I'll practice reading them to Freckles):

and these yummy chocolates (the "little" ones are Thompson funny and ironic huh??):

and they got us this wonderful ornament for the tree:

these Christmas-y socks for Chynna (with the no-slip bottoms too, how cool):

this beautiful tea towel and Martha Stewart napkins:

this amazing frog "click-clack" rattle (which I kept playing with, til Ray took it away from me...he's so mean, hehe):

and they even thought about Chynna's safety and gave us these cabinet locks (which we definitely needed):

Secret Pal, you are so very amazing!! Can't wait to find our your identity so I can thank you over and over and know exactly who I am thanking!! So in case I didn't say it, THANK YOU!!!


Michaela said...

Great gifts! What a nice secret pal, or in this case secret Santa.
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Micha, Orlando, FL
LID: 05/24/06

Michaela said...

Great Gifts! What a nice secret pal.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Micha, Orlando, FL
LID: 05/24/06

Mob said...

What a lot of nice stuff. I love the ornament and can't go wrong with chocolates Yummy That was very nice of them to mail you that.

Steffie B. said...

Girl I gotta tell get some goooood goooodies! ;)

Merry Christmas!

Made in China said...

Wow, great stuff!!! I love the ladybug door hanger! Happy Holidays!!