Monday, December 10, 2007

A busy but fun filled weekend...and happy birthday Adam

Wow, what a busy weekend...but boy did we have fun... first on Saturday we were up early and headed over to the east coast of Fla. for my nephew Adam's 8th birthday party (altho his birthday wasn't until today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!! WE LOVE YOU SWEET PEA!!) was sports themed...and we all had loads of fun, from Frisbee to basketball to croquet to hopscotch to football to soccer, it really had a little bit of something for everyone, and great food and a really cute we got to see our friends from Miami, Jen(my "sister") her husband Ed, and their son Evan, they looked amazing as always, and Evan is growing up way too fast (and I fall in love with him every time I see him) ... after the party, some Christmas shopping was in order (since time is slipping away from me to complete my shopping)...but really didn't get too much done, so a trip to my brother's house to see him, his girlfriend Tia and their dog Sober was definitely on the list of things to off my mom and I went...and we got to see his house decorated for Christmas, really helped get me more in the holiday mood... this morning after some grocery shopping the oven was pre-heated and holiday cookies began to be baked (of course most of which will be going to the Cookie Swap Tuesday night one of our adoption waiting family friends (Angie) will be bring 6 dozen cookies to exchange with others at the party...they are also collecting toys for tots and blankets/socks for the Dianjiang orphanage... then if I wasn't all the way in the holiday spirits...tonite, we went to see Don and Be in their Christmas musical ...and boy were they amazing...could definitely feel the holiday spirit...definitely a moving musical...and the night ended with us finally getting to meet the famous Diva (Don and Be's dog), she was a character all on her own, she could sing and speak and even bow, had us laughing hysterically!! A great weekend for sure... Now I just want to end this post with a song for my nephew Adam: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST ADAM...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....AND MANY MORE!!!!! SMOOCHES MY about some air kisses??? I think I remember how they are you!!!


Don and Be said...

Thank you for working us into your busy weekend. We love getting together with the 2 of U and your presence at our musical really jazzed us!
As I looked at your pics of your nephew's party, with everyone running around in Ts and shorts in mid-December, it reminded me ..... THIS is why I live in Florida!
How about dinner? say, a week from today?
Luv Yuz Guyz,
Don & Be

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday Adam! I'm getting the blankets in the mail today. : )

Debz said...

Happy Birthday ADAM! The cake is amazing!

Doris & Dan said...

What a wonderful fun filled weekend!

Keep smilin!

A Mom- In-W8ing said...

What a fun and busy weekend! Glad to hear you are getting into the Christmas swing of things!

Happy Birthday to Adam!

Smiles! :o)

Janet said...

Happy birthday to Adam!

That musical looked great! I LOVE musicals....much to my hubby's chagrin....:-)

nikki said...

Wow, Dannye! You HAVE been busy.
glad you had such a wonderful weekend...tis the season, right?

Happy birthday, Adam!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Happy belated birthday you are big and your party looked like a blast.

How cool to see my little man Ebby on your blog. Geesh, he is so cute.