Thursday, December 28, 2006

What is something that . . .

What is something that.....

1. always makes you giggle? when someone trips and falls (I can't help it, I find it quite funny.

2. always makes you angry? when I hear that some undeserving parent has abused his/her child or that some teenager has killed her baby somehow "because mom and dad would kill me if they knew I was pregnant" (this just makes my blood boil).

3. always makes you cry? listening to the song "Butterfly kisses" (and I don't know why, but I just start boo hooing).

4. always cheers you up? playing with my nephew Adam, my great nephew Damion, and my great niece Angeliena.

5. always makes you frustrated? no matter how hard I work and no matter how many hours overtime I put it, my work is never done.

6. always makes you hungry? The smell of freshly baked cookies (mmmm, wiping the drool now just thinking about it).

7. always makes you tired? listening to very boring lectures/speeches.

8. always makes you sick? seeing people eat themselves stupid.

9. always makes you fall down? gravity.

10. always makes you nostalgic? hearing 80s music.


Anonymous said...

ooh, I forgot about fresh baked cookies! Now I am hungry:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting our blog. I see you are in the Orlando Parents in the Waiting Room - talked to Ray briefly before the last meeting and I believe you came in later - wasn't Dave on fire about his referral? It jazzed us! So, you are dog lovers ..... here's an address for a video you'll probably like -

Happy New Year!

Don & Be

Anonymous said...

Cookies, cakes, even bread makes me hungry when I smell them. I can't eat cookies and cakes anymore though.

On number five, if you remove work and add cleaning....