Wednesday, December 20, 2006

4 more shopping days til the "deadline" arrives

Okay every year I say, I will not wait until the last minute to Christmas shop, because (1) I have loads of people to purchase for, and (2) I hate the last minute crowds.

About #1, Ray and I have a large family whom we love dearly, but sometimes they are difficult to purchase for. Should we buy them serious gifts, or practical, or funny, or any combination? Too many decisions. And then when you ask, "what did you ask Santa for this year" they give the standard "I really don't know what to ask for" which leads me to 2 conclusions: (a) they have everything they could possibly want (highly unlikely), or (b) they just don't know which of the numerous things floating around in their "wish list" in their heads to tell us they would like without sounding greedy or silly or whatever (this one is highly probable). So this leads me to try to come up with a gift that would get more than a "ohhhh isn't this nice" as they mentally roll their eyes in their heads. So I guess the Chia Pets are out again this year (but one year they may be the ideal gift, hehe).

Then there is #2, you know the times when the lines are long, and shelves are getting to be bare, options are slim, and people are nasty fighting over whatever that last lonely item is on the shelf (maybe I can get cousin Scott a can of spam, and my aunt Lynn a slinky, and how about some cotton balls for my mom, all such practical gifts right), things get so desperate that even signs like this start to sound like a good deal (can things really get that bad??? hehe).

Maybe next year I will cyber shop sooner, and avoid all this stress (yeah I know, you don't have to all roll your eyes at the same time, this too is highly unlikely, but I can dream can't I???)

Guess I'll just have to brave the stores again this evening until all my gifts are purchased. (Please don't tell my cousin Scott about that can of spam, it's sounding more and more like a probability for him, hehe).


Tawni said...

Do the spam, do the spam!

I am a last minute shopper myself and every year I hate myself for it. Next year you and I should make a pact to shop sooner...pinky swear??

Anonymous said...

Katy wants gift certificates!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm also out to the stores again. Hopefully for the last time!

Good luck out there!

Drea said...

I have to say, I usually do things early! This year was a bit rushed, how about some gift certificates! LOL

Anonymous said...

I finished my shopping last night with my sister. It actually wasn't TOO crazy. I was even home at a decent hour. But, I haven't begun to wrap! ugh.
Good luck to you.