Sunday, December 24, 2006

As the day goes on today, be sure to check this out

In honor of the Christmas eve, one of the things I loved to do as a child was see on the news the Santa tracker so we knew where in the world Santa was, delivering his packages as the day got closer and closer for him to visit our house and magically fill our stockings and place presents on the pool table (okay that is another blog entry).

Well for all those kids at heart, and all the parents/relatives of little ones, here it is, the online Santa Tracker (isn't technology great???)

  • Santa Tracker

    eggrolls and chopsticks said...

    Yepper we followed this one all day for Miss Lil' when he finally got to Brazil we had to tell a tale and said he was already in Massachusetts and she had to go to bed! Sometimes you just got to stretch the truth. We were halfway through, Twas the Night Before Christmas, and we realised we had forgotten Santas cookies and milk so we all had to zoom back down to the kitchen again. It was hysterical. I just had to go outside in the yard and chomp through two carrots and spit them out so she thinks the reindeer did it. Just wait LayDfrog your turn is coming and it ain't all milk and cookies. LOL. Merry Christmas to you and Ray.

    Anonymous said...

    This site is so cute:) I love the videos.