Friday, December 22, 2006

Wednesday was not a good day and it continued thru Thursday

*Note: I attempted to post this last nite before bed so if Blogger all of a sudden shows it again I apologize!!!

Wednesday started off like any other day so I had no idea that it would be like one of those days where you should stay in bed. I got out of bed like normal, checked my email (along with my fav blogs), got dressed and headed out the door to work. I got to work perfectly okay, parked the car, and that's when it happened...

I was trying to walk and find the key to unlock the door at work at the same time (apparently I am not qualified to do these two tasks at once). I thought I had lifted my foot up high enough to step up on the curb but nope miscalculation city. The front of my foot hit the curb and I went flying onto the sidewalk. My purse which was not zipped closed went flying too and all the contents went all the over the sidewalk (no I was not hurt, just embarrassed). The first thing I did was laugh (yes you read that right I laughed). You see I have this "illness" where you see someone do something such as the aforementioned act and you can't help yourself but you laugh (even before finding out of they are injured or not). This illness applies to myself too. Drs. find me quite strange because even if I am hurting I laugh too (I know I'm weird, but I come by it honestly don't I Mom???).

So I jump up and look around and thankfully nobody was around to see it. I didn't hurt myself, no blood, no broken anything. So my awful day continued. I didn't even think at that point that I should have stayed in bed, but found out later that was the case.

The work day was okay (or as okay as a work day can be). On the drive home, I started having a sneeze fest, you know where you sneeze and sneeze and sneeze and just can't stop. I get home and was really congested all of a sudden (once I stopped sneezing), and that's when it all went bad. I started feeling kinda achy all over (not the hurt kind of achy but like the yuckies are attacking) so I took a Tylenol PM and went to lay down (around 7:30 pm) and Ray says I fell asleep quickly and he tried to wake me when dinner time approached with no luck, and again when my Mom called again with no success. Sometime during the night, I got hit by a bad case of the yuckies or possessed by Linda Blair (but it wasn't pea soup) and it lasted all through the night.
I finally fell back to sleep and when I awoke Thursday morning the yuckies were still visiting my house. Every time I would move my head Linda Blair would show back up. My throat was so sore I would struggle to talk. It was awful.

I called into work, had to struggle thru a conference call with the boss and a co-worker (that was interesting trying to force yourself to talk all the while not moving so you wouldn't have to rudely hang up on them but somehow I made it through that), and then slept til dinnertime, tried some soup, watched the "Cat in the Hat" and "Green Eggs and Ham" on ABC Family, checked my email, tried to blog (Blogger while trying to post my really interesting and creative post lost connection to its server and dumped my post into cyberspace) and then went back to bed just to end these awful long days.

Oh and then just to continue with the craziness, although I was supposed to be off work today because I called in sick yesterday, I need to go into work today for an hour or so (yippie skippy) and then try to finish up my last minute Christmas shopping (hopefully without going postal), all the while still feeling weird.

I have to admit though I haven't been out shopping since Sunday and still have tons to purchase. I just hope I can get it all done. I do know though I have great friends and family who won't mind getting Spam (the canned kind, not the email) nor the Chia Pet (especially the bestest sister in the whole wide world, Katy likes Chia Pets and would rather I get rid of the yuckies instead of having to brave the Christmas craziness, isn't she the best???).

Alright I better get dressed and start this day off. Wish me luck (and keep your fingers crossed that Blogger doesn't lose this post too).


Connie said...


It IS going around. All my patients are spewing microbes around the office too. If I get through the holidays unscathed I'll be impressed.

Good luck with the shoppy. I have to get on that too ;0)

Anonymous said...

Oh man! You really did have an awful set of days! I hope you are feeling better and no more projectile yuckies in store for you!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are on the mend. Better to get the yuckies BEFORE Christmas, I suppose. That nasty bug sure has been circulating.

P.S.I was enjoying those same specials on ABC Family last nite.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Dannye...I swear it wasn't me that gave it to you cos you can only get computer viruses right???

Do feel better. I know it is bad timing! Don't over do it.