Sunday, July 2, 2006

We are officially paper pregnant

I first wonder if there really is anyone out there that is listening to my thoughts and concerns, but I figure if not, then it will be like I am talking to myself (so then only my dog and probably my computer will think I am crazy) but apparently this will help me to pass the time while we wait for the "call" from our agency announcing "it's a girl".

Our "forever" wait should be starting for our long awaited daughter this Friday when our dossier should be forwarded to China. We are now officially "paper pregnant" and hope this pregnancy is an easy one with wonderful results, our baby girl.

As you can probably tell, we can't wait to finally become first time parents. But it is quite hard to keep from buying all the cute baby clothes and accessories while we wait. However my husband keeps me in line (although I am secretly keeping notes of all the stores and the purchases I will be making once I wear him down). There are just so many things we will need to get and being first time parents brings with it the anxiety of not knowing what we will really need as opposed to just having to have.

And then there is the not knowing how old she will be (is she born yet), how big will she be, is she being taken care of properly in China, will she bond to both of us right away, etc. And then there is the sadness of the difficult decision her mother had to make to abandon her where she would be found even though she wanted to raise her daughter herself. If I could just reassure that mother that we promise to give her everything we possibly can, to fulfill her hopes and dreams to the best of our abilities, to love her unconditionally, and to thank that mother for giving us the greatest gift ever.

We're coming to get you baby girl, as quick as China and the U.S. will allow us. Just know we love you and think about you all the time.


Kim :) said...

I am listening to your thoughts... :) and I understand them completely!! Congrats on being "officially" paper pregnant!!

Kathleen in California said...

Listening and sympathizing too!
Hang in there we will be in China soon.
LID May 15, 2006