Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July America. Today is a day of celebration for our independence and of our freedom. Lots of people take our freedoms for granted, not realizing what plenty of men and women had to endure so we could (and continue) to enjoy the freedoms we have.

We thank all the military men and women for their sacrifices.

Our baby girl will be able to enjoy these freedoms, and for that we are thankful. Although someday we will probably forget to remember to be thankful, when she is in her teens just being a teen, requesting some "freedom" from the house rules, wanting to be more "grown up" than she really is, rushing the time to become an adult and not have "report in" to her mom and dad. But for now, we will just think about getting our baby, bringing her home, and fulfilling her needs and wants, gaining her trust and love, enjoying the time of her needing and wanting us, her parents, to hold her, pick her up when she falls, provide for her the best we can, and to just be her parents, for now and always.

Today, my whole family is coming over for a cookout. I had a cleaning party yesterday on my day off, having to attack the dust bunnies that were mating uncontrollably under the beds before they tried to attack us, and I apparently won that battle (which is never ending thanks to our Freckles, our cocker spaniel who sheds immensely). My mom used to tell us that when my late grandmother would come over was I was growing up, the white glove test would ensue. Well, now I think my mom and my sister have taken over my grandmother's job. I know I can pass that test (wonder if I can say that after our daughter comes home).

Well, hopefully you all will have a sunshiny beautiful day and enjoy your 4th, wherever you are.

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