Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Dream of becoming parents, closer to reality

It seems like just yesterday this picture was taken, and yet it was almost 5 years ago, the day we spoke about starting a family right away, and we tried and tried and tried, but yet we just couldn't succeed.

But then something happened, we had a "calling" to look into adoption (after going through the fertility tests and determining it was most likely not going to happen and I don't think our hearts could have taken it anymore, the waiting to see if we were successful this month to only have my "Aunt Flo" visit yet again month after month), so we explored the option of adoption, researched domestic adoption and was swayed away from that route (after seeing the pain cousin Eileen and Jay went through before finally be blessed enough to adopt Arianna), and started researching international adoption, country after country, the pros and the cons, and then after hearing from cousin Troy and Naomi, the journey to adopt from China was thus born. As Troy and Naomi were going through the process themselves, they were such a blessing, guiding us through the "rough patches" of the paperchase. Now we find ourselves playing the waiting game, knowing that every day that passes we are one day closer to finally reaching that dream we had almost 5 years ago, to finally become first time parents.


Wicked Witch said...

I hate the idea of others having to go through this particular road to get to adoption, but that was our story as well. I wish you all the best.


David said...

Congrads on the July DTC! We're DTC on July we're hoping for a quick LID!