Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Getting Chynna's Nursery ready, slowly but surely

Chynna's nursery is slowly coming along, we purchased her first outfit finally (hopefully it will fit her when we get her), it is her American dress either for the swearing in or for when she touches down in the US and becomes an American (both moments of which will be truly exciting times and already brings tears to our eyes). And the ladybug rug is adorable (we won it on Ebay) , it is our ladybug sighting when we go into her room, so everytime we see it we think about how it is that much closer to actually bringing Chynna home (can we go to get her yet?).

Other new additions to her nursery are a frog nitelite (did you all expect any other kind for our babygirl?, hehe), sheer curtains with gorgeous butterflies, the curtain rod (with these beautiful red ceramic type balls on the end, on sale at an amazing price of $10 instead of $45, yes that's right $10 as the box was opened but it didn't appear to be used at all because the hardware was all still in the plastic), and oh yeah this darling hardcover book with a ladybug finger puppet in the center which was a must have when we saw it (plus it was on sale) which were all obtained from Pottery Barn Kids (now that is an awesome store).

Next on our list of to do's is finishing the closet and putting down new tile floor. We will keep you up to date as this gets done (oh yeah and we will publish more pictures as that happens too.


Shandra said...

Love the rug!

Elise said...

Pottery Barn Kids is one of my favorite stores!!! Decorating for a nursery will help pass the long wait too!!!

Wicked Witch said...

That is a very cute rug. I love it. Are you naming her Chynna??