Tuesday, April 3, 2007

National Champs yet again!!!

The Fla Gators did it again!! Once again chomping the Buckeyes for yet another National Championship!! How very cool!!

If it wasn't Easter weekend, in answer to CJ's question about my nails reflecting
the Gator Orange and Blue, not this time, but quite possibly the next 3 weeks!! This weekend, they will be a pastel purple (I hope), but stay tuned, Orange and Blue nails are always styling (hehehe).

Please, oh please sing along with me....

"We are the boys from old Florida,
Where the girls are the fairest,
the boys are the squarest
of any old state down our way.
We are all strong for old Florida
down where the old Gators play,
In all kinds of weather
We'll all stick together for


Jonni said...

GO GATORS! Congrats Dannye, you tried to set me straight (lol).


Stacy said...


I'm not a basketball fan, but that coach has been big news in Kentucky, so I tuned in for a few minutes to see what all of the hub-bub was about. He looks like a coach to me. :)

tundrachica said...

EXXXXXXCELLENT! M likes to cheer for the Gators because his cousins live there and he is a big fan of the "real" gators. We missed the game because it comes on super early in the afternoon here and I complete spaced it. Ooops!

MW said...

You have better watch out...Your SP is in Ohio and might send you coal this month. :D


Alyson & Ford said...

We are thrilled with UF Gators! NE Florida is excited too.