Thursday, February 8, 2007

Right now....

I got this different, cool meme from my one of my online bloggy friends TundraChic and decided since I had nothing exciting to blog about, I'd give it a go, so here we go:

This meme's answers are about me, at 7:50 am (EST) on February 8, 2007.

1. What are you wearing? Plum dressy shirt, jeans, my rings, my watch, and of course my bracelets that will remain on my wrist until Chynna is in my arms, oh yeah, and my glasses (otherwise I wouldn't be able to see the computer screen)

2. Where are you sitting? On a chair

3. What room are you in? the computer room

4. What do you hear? Freckles trying to make himself comfortable on the couch for his morning nap, and a really happy bird outside the window.

5. What do you smell? My vanilla deodorant I just put on (it Secret, and I love it).

6. What can you feel (besides the keyboard)? the cool air, my stomach telling me I should eat some breakfast soon, and the headache I can feel coming on

7. Is anyone in the room with you? No

8. Are you hot or cold? Kinda just right

9. Are you comfortable or uncomfortable? Comfortable (just a little sleepy, trying to still wake up before getting on the road to work).

10. What are you eating OR what are you digesting? Nothing yet, but in a few Special K with Berries (dry while driving down the road)

11. What are you craving? At the moment nothing, but lately CHOCOLATE

12. What kind of mood are you in? A blah, sleepy mood at the moment, but that is subject to change once I've had breakfast and my body has totally woken up

13. What is something red you can see in the room? the hat on my singing/dancing frog

14. What is the most interesting object in the room? Me, of course, hehehe.

15. Do you have to pee? Nope, I'm good right now, thanks.

Well that's all there is about me, if you feel you'd like to participate let me know so I can check out your answers too!!


redmaryjanes said...

You bust me up!

nikki said...

Vanilla deoderant, huh?
never heard of such a thing!

Anonymous said...

How is the bracelet holding up? :)


a&mg said...

You should throw some chocolate in that special K.