Monday, February 12, 2007

Embarrassing Moments

Okay I saw this video and after I picked myself off the floor from laughing so hard, I thought I'd divulge an embarrassing moment of mine, but first the video:

Oh so funny, but oh so embarrassing.

Okay, now for my oh so embarrassing moment. In High School English class we were supposed to recite from Julius Caesar the "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ear" speech, and I practiced, and memorized, and worked on it over and over, at home, with friends, by myself. I was ready. Now mind you, I don't do well at giving speeches, I get really nervous before a group of people and it doesn't matter if they are all my friends or strangers, same horrible feeling overcomes me (get where this is going yet?? bet you don't!!!) All my friends got called to do the same speech before me and they all did amazing!! Not a word missed, not a stutter heard, they were loud and proud. But then it was my turn "Dannye, please come to the front of the room..." I stood up, started to walk to the front of the room, and got really light headed (and apparently quite pale faced too) so the wonderful teacher asked me to quickly sit back down, which I happily complied with. Never have I passed out before, but let me tell you I think I may have if I had to go to the front of the class and stand in front of all those people (30 friends/acquaintances) and recite those words, the words I knew. I did have to give my speech, but luckily I only had to stand in front of the teacher, after class, and passed with flying colors (and all the color in my face too). My friends laughed at me for a few days about it, finding it quite funny that even though I am an easy going person, who is very outgoing, I can't stand in front of a roomful of people I know and talk to them without freaking out. I never got over that fear, but hey I don't plan on becoming a public speaker anytime soon (unless of course you count this blog as public speaking, this I can do, standing on my head!!! hehehe).

Come on now, share something embarrassing that happened to you! I won't tell anyone (wink, wink).


C.J. said...

Holy Smack!

I can't top that one.

a&mg said...

In sixth grade, I was passing classes and fell down a flight of steps in front of the most popular boy in the grade. Very smooth, that's me.

By the way, your letter for the letter meme is "T".

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I am always making a fool of myself. One time I was in Publix and I tripped over a small box in the aisle that I hadnt seen and went flying down the aisle on my stomach. I was walking really fast when it happened so I glided all the way to the end. P.S. I was wearing a skirt!

John Kinde said...

Great video link. It shows the value of "going with the flow" when you have an embarassing moment. People love authenticity. Keep a journal of your embarassing moments, they'll give you material when the time comes for you to give a speech. There's nothing better for connecting with an audience than sharing your "oops moments" with the listeners.