Thursday, September 28, 2006

It was a night of screams, laughs, and fun for all

Tonite a great time was had by all, well at least by my sister Katy, brother Jimmy, and me. The three of us went to Universal Studios to "celebrate" "Sweet 16".

No, none of us are celebrating our 16th birthday (all three of us long passing that birthday many years ago), but yet the kicking off of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights (its 16th year, where does that time go ?).

Many thanks to Jimmy for getting us in (it was employee night) and getting us three together again, and to Katy for taking time from her family to drive over from the coast to enjoy the screams and laughter with us.

Since the park was only open to employees and their families from 7:30 til 11:00 (although the gates opened late, so the park closed later than 11:00), the rides were closed thus "forcing" all to "enjoy" the houses.

Universal brought back the "classic" houses such as Norman Bates in the PsychoPath house [which to get there you walked and walked and walked (oh did I mention the walking) til you ran out of walking space, then you turned around and walked some more], the sweet grandmotherly killer storyteller in the Dungeon of Terror, the Caretaker in Screamhouse Resurrection, the People Under the Stairs, and Jack in Psychoscareapy Maximum Madness.

We got to experience 4 of the 7 houses, and loved them all. People watching made some of them much funnier rather than scary. My favorite "experience" was when Jimmy tried to hide to scare Katy, and while I was busy watching this happen missed the psycho actor hiding from me and jumping out of nowhere right in my path making me jump in "fear". Luckily my bladder wasn't completely full.

The evening then wound down with a relaxing "episode" of Bill & Ted's Halloween Adventures. This is always a must see. It included loads of funny spoofs, great music, and interesting dancing.

Thanks again Katy and Jimmy for a wonderful evening. I hope this trend of the three of us hanging out continues for many years to come. I love you guys !!

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