Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chynna's doll collection is expanding

Although we understand that the time frame for referral is rapidly increasing (to our dismay), we...okay I keep adding to Chynna's doll collection.

I ran across this adorable doll (Baby Ling by Language Littles) that speaks both Mandarin and English. She says the following phrases in both languages:

- hello
- how are you?
- what is your name?
- My name is Ling.
- Can we be friends?
- I like to run.
- Jump
- Dance
- Sing
- Play games
- Let's count to ten (and then actually does so)
- Good bye
- I love you

Ling's "voice" is actually a Chinese native speaking young girl, how cool is that?

She is totally amazing, and we can't wait for Chynna to be able to hear her and play with her.

Then we (okay already it was me again) found Dora World Adventure which speaks six different languages (absolutely amazing).

I have been practicing pushing the baby stroller with both Ling and Dora riding along, and haven't had too many accidents with it (guess I will get better with time).

Freckles however, knows when "mommy" is coming, and quickly moves out of my way (I wonder if that will be the case when Chynna is "riding along", can't wait to find out, only time will tell).

Now if that turtle carrying our Chynna referral will just speed up a little. Ray tells me he keeps asking the turtles he comes across if they have any information, but he hasn't had any luck in getting any hints from any of the turtles he has "rescued". We will keep you all posted as more information becomes available.


Wicked Witch said...

cool dolls and turtle. Hubby looks happy to be holding that guy. Very cute.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

We have Baby Ling and Lily loves her and I have actually learnt a little Chinese from her so that has to be a bonus!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

we have the Ling doll and Lily loves to repeat the Chinese saying after her and even I have learnt a little Chinese so that has to be a bonus :)

eggrolls and chopsticks said...
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Shandra said...

Love that Dora doll. My L loves Dora and thinks she is the greatest. I will have to add that one to her collection.

Kathy and Joel said...

Must get baby Ling! Thanks for the post and the reference to the dolls. They are very sweet!

Anonymous said...

Freckles is a love!! I have 4 cockers and I think that they are the greatest! Hope that the wait time speeds up soon!

Holly Little said...

I love the Baby Ling...we (I) bought one also a few months ago. I had it sitting out but we played with it every time we walked by- I had to put it away so it wouldn't break from us using it so much-LOL!