Sunday, September 17, 2006

Shopping, shopping and shopping

Although Chynna's arrival is far on the horizon, I can't help myself for shopping for her.

We don't know how old she will be, and we don't know how big, nor what she will look like, nor what her personality will be... these are all things we can't control (along with how long the referral time period will be).

However, shopping is a different story. This makes me feel more in control, like there is something I can be doing during the wait (instead of immersing myself into work, or going into depression or worrying), so when the weekends approach, the shopping starts (and when the weekend comes to a close, so does the shopping excursion, until the next weekend where the madness starts over again).

With many thanks to my numerous Yahoo Groups, I have finally located a set of stacking cups at Babies R Us (thanks again everyone for helping us).

Then while at Kohl's my mom and I found the cutest slippers (the ladybugs in the picture), and just had to have them (mom and I will be "twins" while in China). I am still trying to convince mom to wear them on the way to China (we will definitely be a topic of conversation, such as "check out those nutty women with those ladybug slippers", and "wonder if those loon's are adopting") but am a far way from convincing her (even with my "but mom it would be easier to take your shoes off if required in the airports, hehe).

The adorable crab is from Chynna's "adopted" aunt (thanks again Aunt Sue). It is a washing cloth that makes these adorable "bubbling sounds". Hopefully Ray and I won't wear it out playing with it so much before we actually get Chynna.

We'll try to control ourselves, but no promises.

I am sure this shopping saga will continue again next weekend...

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eggrolls and chopsticks said...

She will have quite a stash by the time she gets home! You go girl :)
Isn't it fun. I am married to Mr. Superstitous so the shopping has to wait until after referral but then we get to go hog wild.