Monday, September 25, 2006

The frogs are invading, the frogs are invading

There's been a frog invasion in Orlando today, and they just may be taking over. They are frogs from Washington D.C., and they appear to be taking over our house and my office space (neither of which is a bad thing, at least from my viewpoint).

My dearest friend, Michael (better known to us as MLT) just came back from his mini-vacation and brought back with him the cutest "gifts" for Chynna (and me of course). He tells me that every time he walked by a frog in D.C. it would "ribbit" at him and then just "jump" into his shopping cart (I'm beginning to think I may be a bad influence on him after all).

Then his other excuse is his "little" kitty (better known as Murphy, his 10 lb killer housecat who hates all people but Mike) "told" him to buy the frogs.

I keep warning Mike that if he insists on telling others of these "illusions" , those little men in white coats may be waiting to take him to a padded room.

Despite all my warnings, Michael has outdone himself yet again. He really leaves me breathless with these thoughtful gifts.

First he presented us with Chynna's first backpack. This adorable frog complete with webbed feet, and oh how soft. I just hope Chynna won't get too embarrassed by her frog crazy mom.

Then he "had" to accompany the backpack with the "matching" frog coin purse.

And what girl's frog collection is complete without the '07 Frog calendar or wooden frog with dangling legs knick-knack, for placement on the edge of the bookshelves.

And then to finish off the froggie theme, Mike completed the ensemble with a fabulous frog candy dish (or chip dish, I am unsure which is the better description).

I love them all and am so honored to be soooo spoiled by him (I just love opening gifts, shhhhh don't tell, it's just our little secret).


Tawni said...

Love the frogs! Also, love the pictures below of the vaccinations - thanks for reminding me that we need to get started on those...ugh!

karyna said...

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