Saturday, October 13, 2007

October Cyber Shower Goodies from Suz and Dan

Came home yesterday, and had some goodies awaiting us for our October Cyber Shower in our Waiting for First Child from Child Yahoo group...Suz and Dan were so very generous and so very crafty (wish I was that crafty)....they made up this really great poem/rhyme:

It's almost time for trick-or-treat fun,
so here are some treats from the land of the sun.

I hope Chynna enjoys all of this stuff,
For such a great holiday you can't have enough!

There are treats for her and treats for you too,
to enjoy them with a smile is all you can do!

Maybe at this Halloween time next year,
our own sweet China "ghouls" will be here.

Happy trick-or-treat cybershower swap!
as we wait for our 1st child until we drop!!!

They made this adorable Halloween Paint Pal with Chynna's name on it....

and I believe they made these adorable candy corn hair clips....

for the sweet tooth factor, sent this pumpkin shaped cookie cutter, with recipes for homemade sugar cookies and icing:

with their wonderful generosity, Chynna will look amazing styling this adorable outfit:

and of course, every little "ghoul" must have a stuffed frog wearing pumpkin slippers....hehe

Thank you again Suz and guys sure helped spoil our little Chynna!!


amy said...

I know that was fun to open, what wonderful gifts

Janet said...

Adorable! I LOVE LOVE LOVE homemade sugar cookies!

sooze66 said...

I am glad you got our package!! Happy Trick Or Treat!! We had a great time shopping and crafting - my two favorite therapies!!!!