Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wacky Wed., results of How Well, and a Happy B-day

You're Part Diva

You know that a girl's gotta work it to get her way in the world.
And while you aren't about to throw a tantrum at every turn...
You do amp up the drama when you know you need it.
You mix charm, honesty, and kindness to get ahead.

[[[[[this seems like me!!!]]]]]

We interrupt this posting for a special announcement, we have a winner (and only one) from yesterday's How Well.... it is DORIS!! ...she correctly guessed #3...

Here's the breakdown:

1. I was presented with an award by the U.S. Armed Forces. This was actually from the Marines...When I was in high school, I played softball...and got an athletic award which was presented to me in front of the entire school, and surprised me tremendously...I remember sitting in the auditorium next to my BFF and we were kinda making fun when they were saying all these things about the person winning the award, so when we both realized it was me (you know when my name actually was said, and not a minute before, hehe) I went up and got my award....when I got home and told my parents, they already knew...apparently they got the call from the school that I won and were in the audience watching!! Too funny!!

2. I read an entire book to my kindergarten class (and surprised the teacher). I guess I failed to say, it was the first day of school when this happened. I'm told (since I really don't remember) that at reading time, I told the teacher I wanted to read the class the book (and it wasn't a Dick & Jane type of book), and the teacher (not believing I could really read) told me that I could read the book to whole class if I read it to her first, which I did, shocking her so much she called my mom to tell her I could read, to which mom replied "I know" and the teacher countered with "no she can really read" and mom proudly said "yes I know I taught her!!".

3. I NEVER failed my driver's license test, luckily, because I took driver's ed, so the driving portion was done and didn't have to be taken at the DMV. But it is true that I can't parallel park and avoid it at all costs!!

4. My first car was a Cadillac Eldorado, given to me by my grandparents, they wanted to make sure I was safe. And I loved that car, leather seats, electric windows, it even told you how hot it was outside. I believe it was an '84 or '85.

and finally,

5. I lettered in volleyball in high school (and softball too)...I kinda figured this one would throw a few of you off because of my height (5'0"), but I was the setter and not to brag (okay I'm bragging big time), but I had a killer serve!!

Thanks to all who participated!! And last but not least, I wanted to take a moment and wish my cousin Scott a Happy Birthday!! Hope it's all that and more!!


redmaryjanes said...

Congratulations to Doris! It says I am Not a Diva at all (I am too, I am too!). Happy B-Day Scott! And I played volleyball too, I'm tall tough 5'9", but I totally relied on my awesome setter!!

Steffie B. said...

too funny.....oh and have created a princees monster over here! I'm going to remember this! lol

Janet said...

I'm PART diva too, but I already knew that....:-)

Yep, I didn't guess the volleyball because you're short! (Me too, BTW). I was never any good at volleyball. Okay, I was pathetic.

Sophia's Mama said...

Riz guessed it I should have gone with his guess but I thought i knew better. LOL That was fun


Cheri said...


Hi!! I was "part diva" too!!! That was fun!!

Hey, check out my blog. I copied off of you & Susan and did the "How well do you know me"? See if you can guess the right answer!! :)


Don and Be said...

Hey now. I missed yesterday's post, so sorry I was not able to participate.
But I must remind you, LayDfrog .... my dog, the Incredible Multi Ethnic Canine Love Sponge, is the ONLY Diva 'round these here parts ......

Love ya,

Holly said...

I'm part diva too.......

tundrachica said...

the diva quiz disappeared...I clicked on it and it gave me the home page for blogthings...WTF?
Help me out! I need to know if I am diva or not!