Friday, August 24, 2007

A new book added to Chynna library, and tomorrow get together

We are on the count down to the lunch/shopping get together I have been organizing and I can hardly wait.....some really great things are planned and some surprises are in store!! The manager over at Carters has been so great!! I will post pictures tomorrow evening of all the wonderful people I finally get to meet!!

Also, yesterday Chynna (courtesy of one of my BFF's, Mike) had another great book added to her library, "Frog in the Kitchen Sink" by Jim Post...I highly recommend it!!

Well have a great Friday ya'll!!


redmaryjanes said...

Is that one of those googly eye books where the eyes move all around? Eli loves those! How are you girl? You are going to have such a great time at your gathering. You have put so much work into it.

amy said...

Ok i have to research this event you have planned. Sounds delightful

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Frog on the window at midnight could be a great kiddies story too!

What is this shopping expo??? I'm missing something I can tell. I could be up there by noon!

LaLa said...

Cute book...I want to have a girl gathering....My niece lives in Orlando and we are planning a Disney trip hopefully soon (hard to plan when we don't know when we are going to VN) I need to get down there though now that Annslee has developed an obsession with Ariel and Tinker Bell and I know she would go nuts down there : )
have fun!!!

Janet said...

That book looks so cute!

Have fun at your get together!

Jealous in Canada,


Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

What a cute book, let us know how the get together goes!

J said...

I sure wish I could come tomorrow, but Denver to Orlando is a bit much. Have fun!