Friday, June 15, 2007

A frog drawing pick-me-up

Just when I needed that "pick-me-up", Tundrachica had posted on her blog a few days ago (and I somehow missed it) this terrific drawing her son had drawn....and the funny/ironic thing about it, he drew it the same night the frog jumped on my window and gave me the "heart attack".

This is what she says about this terrific drawing:

"This picture, as I was told by the artist, represents him looking into an aquarium with a frog in it. It is hard to see on the pic but he has colored all around the frog and the face of the person with blue to represent the glass between the frog and boy. The frog is reaching with his tongue for a yummy bug. He says he drew this one because he saw me putting together a frog puzzle earlier that day. "

Thanks Tundrachica for this pick-me-up, and thanks to your son for drawing it


Janet said...


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I never ever noticed frogs until I met you but now I swear the wriggly little critters are all over the place.
Great drawing.

tundrachica said...

Thanks for posting M's drawing. I will have him see it on your blog, not mine....but first I better find some $$ because I know I will be hit up for it once I show him. :)

amy said...

Thats fabulous..Glad I stopped by!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Cute! An aspiring artist, already rolling in the dough!

Cheri said...

VERY cute picture. I used to collect frogs when I was younger (I had TONS of stuffed animals, figurines, etc...they are cute). Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!! Yes, feel free to post our blog onto your favorites and I will do the same with yours!!

Cheri & Shane
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