Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wacky Wednesday (Playing Cards)

You Are the Ace of Clubs

You go at everything in your life full force. You are a natural gambler.
Your life definitely has some extreme highs and lows, but you know how to ride out the low times.

A total adventure seeker, you are never satisfied by what's normal or ordinary.
You like to push limits and shock people. You're dramatic, but a drama queen.

Your life has been a wild ride so far. You have stories that people can barely believe.
And you're probably still young... with a lot of wild rides in front of you.

A gamble you should take: High stakes roulette

Your friends would describe you as: Crazy

Your enemies would describe you as: Demented

If you lived in Vegas, you would be: A high roller

This is soooo not me, I'm soooo not a drama queen, please!!!


Janet said...

I'm the Ace of could go for that!

PS- I don't think I"d ever be anyone's "Trophy Wife!" LOL!

You are a lucky person, and you always seem to find yourself surrounds by pretty, shiny things.
You have a knack for success and money - though your skills can't really be learned or taught.

You shine in a room, and you a have a truly sparkling personality.
A true extrovert, you always are able to share a witty joke or the latest scandalous gossip.

While you do have an eye for bling, you are also quite generous.
A lot of wealth and luck comes your way. And you're not afraid to pass it on.

A gamble you should take: Sports betting

Your friends would describe you as: Captivating

Your enemies would describe you as: Greedy

If you lived in Vegas, you would be: A trophy wife or husband

a&mg said...

I was also the ace of clubs. I guess I'm a bit of an adventure seeker, and I've certainly had some wild rides, but I am SO not a drama queen, either. I hate drama.

kris said...

I think this one was "off", mine said I knew how to make money, attracted attention in a room (ha ha ha ha) or something. And you DO not strike me as a drama queen!