Tuesday, August 1, 2006

We are now officially "pregnant"

I am now a true believer in the lucky ladybug sightings. While at work today (and having an awful day there), I get a phone call from Mom telling my assistant that I need to go online and check my email. So after getting a moment to actually go online (of course while the boss is away, the mice will play), I see it, the email we have been waiting on pins and needles for... Chynna's LID, 7/14/06, exactly one week from our DTC. Upon reviewing the email, my eyes misted over as I read the email to Mom, I shared the news with co-workers, I called Ray to tell him the good news (of course of all days for him to forget his cell phone at home so he doesn't find out until he gets home from work himself), and I quickly email our 7/06 DTC Yahoo group. I am so on cloud 9 that I wonder how long it will take to get my feet back on the ground.

So now we wait, and wait, and wait. But we do have a LID and hopefully our referral will be sooner than expected, and then we can travel to China to get our precious Chynna.


Shandra said...

Yeah! One step closer. We are still waiting. DTC 7-14-06. I am going to use the same picture to annouce our LID to my folks. It is afterall how I told them we were expecting the othres times.

Elise said...

Congrats, we were DTC on 7/14 too so we are waiting also!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the name Chynna is cute! My friend was almost named Chynna and I see nothing wrong with it. Actually, I like that name a lot! I think it will fit a China girl perfectly! Besides, I live in Charlotte, NC and I know of people named Charlotte! Why is naming your daughter Chynna any different? I think that's an excellent name choice.

Congrats on your LID!